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Sep 13, 2018

SOCIS Website

This is the official repository for the website, a student built and maintained website. If you feel like joining in on the construction, feel free on cloning this repository and submitting some changes. Code is reviewed by the SOCIS exec (specifically the system and assistant system administrators) before it becomes live, so for new students, this could be your first experience with code review!


We welcome pull requests and issues but will be strict in our enforcing of proper programming styles on any submitted code.

In order to contribute, please fork this repository and submit a pull request to our master branch. Our admin will review the request and inform you of any changes that need to be made before the merge.

If you are building a large feature, discuss it with us first, and make multiple small commits. If you submit a single monolithic commit, we will likely reject it and ask that you split it up.

We reserve the right to reject pull requests and close issues if we do not agree with how they affect the website.


1. Clone the Repo

Most people can probably figure this one out, but I'll leave it here to be safe. Run git clone somewhere locally on your computer to pull the site code from git. cd to navigate into the newly created folder for the repo.

2. Install Jekyll

No need to reiterate the Jekyll docs, this is the part which will take a while to install. You're going to need Ruby, Rubygems and NodeJS. We recommend using RVM for managing your ruby gems.

Once you have all those installed, run gem install jekyll to get Jekyll installed locally.

3. Start the web server

To start the local server, all you need to do is run jekyll serve from the website's root directory. If you open up your browser and navigate to localhost:4000, you should now be able to see the site running locally.

Note that after making any local changes, you will need to restart the Jekyll server.

That's all folks!

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