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This repository contains NFs implemented by the authors of the GLANF framework.


This NF behaves as glanf/wire does, but with additional delay added and load performed for each packet which passes through the device. This is meant to simulate devices which have inherent baseline latency which they add and which perform processing per packet.

The amount of "processing" performed per packet scales exponentially according to a load factor, which can be tweaked by configuring the LOAD_FACTOR environment variable (which can be a floating point value). The amount of processing performed is equal to LOAD_FACTOR * ( 2 ** LOAD_FACTOR) which has the nice property that it scales from 0 to a large number very quickly.

The delay is added to outgoing packets on both interfaces.

An example invocation is as follows:

docker run -itd --cap-add=NET_ADMIN --env="LOAD_FACTOR=8.0" --env="DELAY=2ms" glanf/loadsim