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Documentation for the Treasurer

Keep all transactions (income and expenses) in the accounting.csv file, with the date in the ISO 8601 standard format (YYYY-MM-DD, all numbers). Income in the Income column, expenses in the Expense column. When recording the incomes and expenses in the accounting.csv file, for cheques include the date that you wrote the cheque up in the TransactionDate column. Once in a while, compare the transaction dates in the BMO online account with the accounting.csv date. If they are different, update the date using the BMO online account. Ultimately, the goal is that the BMO accounting and the GitHub accounting should be the same.

Receipts should be scanned and placed in the receipts/ folder, with the filename as the ISO 8601 date format (YYYY-MM-DD), followed by the item and then the location of purchase. For instance, food purchased on June 5, 2000 would be 2000-06-05-Snacks-Loblaws.pdf.

Record the relevant details about cheques given out in the cheques/ folder in the cheques.csv file. Fill in the appropriate columns. Take a picture of the cheque with the signatures and save that cheque in the cheques/images/ folder. Important, do not commit these cheque images in the Git repository. They should not be publicly viewable. Git ignores all files in the cheques/images/ folder.

Given that this is a coders group, all summaries of the finances are done in R with R Markdown. Occasionally this document will need to be re-knitted to reflect an accurate portrayal of the financial situation of the UofTCoders.

Accounting overview

All calculations were performed using R. For the code, please see the README.Rmd file.

Actual income and expenses

Type Amount
Income $7,149.55
Expense $5,056.87
Total $2,092.68

Per session (weekly) expense for snacks: $4.46

Projected income and expenses

Values surrounded by brackets () denote negative values, as is often done in accounting. Projected values are until end of fiscal year. Fiscal year starts from the month we first started using the BMO bank account (May):

Fiscal year: May 1st-April 30th.

Item Amount
Snacks ($48.53)
Misc ($200)
Workshops $714.01
Total $465.49
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