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Uppsala Atomistic Spin Dynamics software

The UppASD software package is a simulation suite to study magnetization dynamics by means of the atomistic version of the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert (LLG) equation.



Detailed information about the method can be found in
Atomistic Spin Dynamics: Foundations and Applications
O. Eriksson et. al, Oxford University Press 2017


make <profile>

Where <profile> is a suitable compiler profile, i.e. ifort, gfortran, gfortran-osx and so on.

The binary is compiled as ./source/sd

Examples are provided in ./examples_revision_controlled/

The manual is found at ./docs/UppASDmanual.pdf

User Graphic Interface

A python based QT GUI for the code is also available at ./ASD_GUI/ This allows for:

  • Visualization of outputs via VTK.
  • Plotting of several quantities via integrated matplotlib functionalities.
  • Automatic generation of input files for UppASD.


  • Qt5.
  • python2.7 or higher.
    • pandas
    • numpy
    • PYYaml
    • matplotlib
    • Enum
  • VTK7.0 or higher.

Installation Guide A simplified way to install the prerequisites for the ASD_GUI can be done via the anaconda framework and its environments.

After installing anaconda one can create virtual environment where to host the ASD_GUI. This can be done in the following way:

conda create --name ASD_GUI_env python=3.6 vtk=8.1.0 numpy scipy matplotlib yaml pyyaml pandas
conda activate ASD_GUI_env
conda install -c anaconda pyqt

This will generate a virtual environment named ASD_GUI_env which can be activated or deactivated to run the GUI.

(C) 2008-2018 UppASD group