List of request blocking software

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Name Used with Switchboard ✶ Embed Filtering ✝ Active as of Q1 2015
uMatrix Chromium
uBlock Chromium
NoScript Firefox
RequestPolicyContinued Firefox
Policeman Firefox

Known Limitations


  • From issue #93 it seems that requests made on browser start, before the extension has loaded, are not blockable.
  • From the comments in issue #95, it seems that "webSockets, update-related and web store-related" requests are not blockable.
  • From the comments in #98, behind-the-scenes requests are enabled by default, and disabling them will break important functionality in the browser. B-T-S requests include those used for installing & updating extensions, requests made by extensions, and hyper-link auditing requests.

✶ Switchboard

The name for the concept comes from the name of the HTTP-SwitchBoard extension (predecessor to uMatrix).

The extensions which have a switchboard like interface enable the user to block requests based on the request's domain name, the primary frame's domain-name, and also the type of request.

In contrast, extensions like NoScript have a global switch. If I allow scripts from, they are enabled on all domains. They don't prevent XSS attacks, for example.

If there's a better name for this concept, please do suggest one.

✝ Embed Filtering

Allows fine-grained control over which Embedded objects are allowed, such as plugins, Font-Face, HTML Audio / Video.

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