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Build Status Scrutinizer Code Quality for Laravel 5.5+ is a sophisticated health checker for your Laravel applications: In-depth monitoring with real-time notifications. Keeps every service of your application supervised so you know if anything is broken before your customers do. Screenshot


  • Database connections
  • Caching drivers
  • Queuing system, including Laravel Horizon
  • Security vulnerabilities in dependencies
  • Uptime and availability from multiple locations around the world
  • Broadcasting system with support for Echo Server and Laravel WebSockets
  • Mail drivers
  • Redis connections
  • Failed jobs notifications and history, retry failed jobs
  • Find mixed content on HTTPS-sites
  • SSL Certificate
  • DNS changes
  • Storage availability and usage
  • Debug mode and other configuration settings

How to use

Register at, we offer a trial without the need for a credit card. You can connect your Laravel app with a few clicks so you can start monitoring.

License of this package

Please see License File for more information.

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