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UrLab incubator

The incubator is the main website of UrLab, a Hackerspace located in Brussels, Belgium.

A live instance can be found at

A screenshot of the event page


The incubator has these main features:

  • Project showcase: members can pitch and present the projects they are working on at the hackerspace.
  • Event organisation: everybody can propose to organise an event and people can register their interest
  • Wiki: this speaks for itself
  • Ledger: members may pay for physical items (mostly food) at the space with a ledger on the website. This limits the amount of cash circulating in the hackerspace.
  • A SpaceAPI implementation.

Bonus features are also available:

  • Live streaming of our online events (thank you Covid-19)
  • A list of our "music of the day"
  • Member badges
  • A newsletter

If you are a hackerspace and want to use this code, go ahead !

But please note that:

  • We did not implement a member handling system (no membership fee tracking, ...)
  • The code is quite coupled to UrLab and was not made to be generic But if you want to have try, please do !

Development guide

This is a typical Django project, the usual virtualenv, requirements.txt, ... apply.

Please have a look at for an in-depth installation guide as well as help for common tasks.


This code is under the AGPL licence. In broad, non legally binding, terms: you can do whatever you want with it, but if you modify it, you must redistribute the source and credit the original authors.


The incubator is born from the frustration of our old website, a Mediawiki instance and was developed in a few days during the 2016 Brussels bombings lockdown. Here is a quick brainstorming we made at that time.