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What is UAModalPanel?
-![UAModalPanel Example Pic]( "UAModalPanel Example Pic")![UAModalPanel Example Pic 2]( "UAModalPanel Example Pic 2")![UAModalPanel Example Pic 3]( "UAModalPanel Example Pic 3")![UAModalPanel Example Pic 4]( "UAModalPanel Example Pic 4")
+![UAModalPanel Example Pic](![UAModalPanel Example Pic 2](![UAModalPanel Example Pic 3](![UAModalPanel Example Pic 4](
UAModalPanel is a highly customizable, alternative modal panel that you can popup in your view controllers to show content that might not need an entire new screen to show. It has a bounce animation, content fade-in, and a fancy noisy-gradient title bar. It works on the iPhone and iPad, with or without rotation.
@@ -210,7 +210,7 @@ ARC Support
UAModalPanel is not using ARC, but you can use it in your ARC project by adding `-fno-objc-arc` compiler flag to the "Compile Sources" section found in the Target's "Build Settings" tab
-![ARC Settings]( "ARC Settings")
+![ARC Settings](

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