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What is UAModalPanel?
-![UAModalPanel Example Pic](![UAModalPanel Example Pic 2](![UAModalPanel Example Pic 3](![UAModalPanel Example Pic 4](
+![UAModalPanel Example Pic](![UAModalPanel Example Pic 2](![UAModalPanel Example Pic 3](
UAModalPanel is a highly customizable, alternative modal panel that you can popup in your view controllers to show content that might not need an entire new screen to show. It has a bounce animation, content fade-in, and a fancy noisy-gradient title bar. It works on the iPhone and iPad, with or without rotation.
@@ -246,6 +246,18 @@ Get in touch:
* [Follow me on Twitter](
* [Contact me](
+What Does UA stand for?
+[Urban Apps]( We make neat stuff. Check us out.
+Open-Source Urban Apps Projects
+* [UALogger]( - A logging utility for Mac/iOS apps
+* [UAAppReviewManager]( - An app review prompting tool for iOS and Mac App Store apps.
Please support us so that we can continue to make UAModalPanel even more awesome! If you are feeling particularly generous, please buy me a beer!

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