The Official JavaScript Client to the Array of Things API
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Array of Things JavaScript Client

The Official JavaScript Client to the Array of Things API

Installation and Usage

You can install this library from NPM:

$ npm install aot-client

The client provides simple functions to get or list different entity types in the API. For detailed information about the API, its endpoints, responses and available parameters visit

The one not-so-traditional thing about this client library is that it provides a special F object to help build query parameters. We use some pretty verbose params for many of our endpoints to expose some powerful features, and using F objects helps alieviate having to get things formatted just right.

import { AotClient, F } from 'aot_client';

let client = new AotClient();

// Let's say we want to get the average external temperature
// per node for the month of August 2018 as recorded by a
// specific sensor
let f = new F('by_sensor', 'metsense.bmp180.temperature');
f = f.and(new F('timestamp', 'ge', '2018-08-01T00:00:00'));
f = f.and(new F('timestamp', 'lt', '2018-09-01T00:00:00'));
f = f.and(new F('value', 'avg', 'node_vsn'));

let res = await client.listObservations({filters: f});
    "avg": 241.0,
    "group": "0A3"
    "avg": 9.45,
    "group": "052"
    "avg": 42.4,
    "group": "07F"
    "avg": 42.8,
    "group": "09C"
    "avg": 33.9,
    "group": "071"
    "avg": 37.8,
    "group": "890"
    "avg": 241.0,
    "group": "079"