The Official Python Client to the Array of Things API
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Array of Things Client

This library serves as the official Python client to the Array of Things API.

System Requirements

This library will only run on Python 3.6 or better.

We will not support Python 2 or earlier versions of Python 3.

Using the Library

The AoT Client is available on PyPI:

$ pip install aot-client

You can then use it pull down lists of metadata and observations as well as detailed information about metadata.

from aot_client import AotClient

client = AotClient()
projects = client.list_projects()
for page in projects:
  for proj in
    print(f'{proj["name"]} is available at /api/projects/{proj["slug"]}')

Development and Contributing

To run the tests locally:

$ pipenv install --dev
$ pipenv run python -m pytest

To build a release and push it to PyPI:

$ pipenv run python sdist bdist_wheel
$ pipenv run twine upload dist/*