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Education Data Portal - Package for Stata

Welcome to the Education Data Portal Stata Package repository. You'll need an internet connection to install and use the package.

Install or Update the Package

If you don't have libjson installed, the package will automatically install it for you once you run your first educationdata command. Or, you can type ssc install libjson. The following command will install, or if the package is already installed, update the education data package.

net install educationdata, replace from("")

If you are running Stata 14 or later, and you allowed the program to install libjson for you, run the following:


If you have trouble with this command, uninstall any existing installations using the instructions below, close and re-open Stata, then re-run the command above.

Error r(672) - Server refused to send file OR similar errors in installation

If you run into the error server refused to send file or similar errors, your firewall may be blocking access to Stata's ability to download content, or Stata may have a conflict with other programs installed on your operating system or in your organization. Note that this may also block your ability to download data via an API, so this may not solve all concerns, but in most tested cases, this method should solve the problem. First, download the zip file of the package, by copying the following to your browser:

Unzip the file, and do one of two things:

  1. Type . personal in Stata, and note the location of your personal ado directoy, i.e. C:\ado\personal\
  2. Move all the extracted files from the zip file to that personal directory


  1. Note the filepath of the extracted files, e.g., D:/Users/Username/Downloads/educationdata/
  2. Type net install educationdata, force from("D:/Users/Username/Downloads/educationdata/") in Stata, replacing the path in the from() command with the filepath you noted in step 1

Testing the package

First, ensure you are connected to the internet. Then run one of the simpler examples, such as getting the metadata for a dataset:

educationdata using "college ipeds directory", meta

Next, try downloading a subset of the dataset:

educationdata using "college ipeds directory", sub(year=2011 fips=12)

Use the help command to read about all of the commands and dataset options:

help educationdata

Uninstall the Package

ado uninstall educationdata

If you recieve the error criterion matches more than one package and you're running Stata 14 or newer, run the following:

ado uninstall educationdata


To view the changes made to the package over time, see the changelog.


This software is licensed under the MIT License.