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Translating BaldPhone to other languages

Auto generated multilingual screenshots

Sometimes more strings are added, in order to be notified, please join one of the following: Discord Subreddit subscribers GitHub watchers

If you encounter any problem when translating, please contact me via

New, Better Translations System - Transifex

But if you have any problems with it, the old method will work just as fine

Old Translations System - Manual

Fixing\changing existing translations

  1. Go to your desired language file:
  2. Click "edit this file"
  3. find the word you want to change
  4. change it
  5. propose file change

Adding a new language to BaldPhone

Option 1

  1. Go to an existing language file:
  2. Click "Raw" and copy the text to your text editor (Notepad++ is great for this specific task)
  3. Change all the Values* to the new language (long texts like abouts can remain in english)
  4. Please make sure all the words are correct, obviously I can't check it :)
  5. Send me the file, and your name
  6. The new language together with credit will be added in the next release
  7. When the next release is published, please make sure the translations match

Option 2 - For git savvys

  1. Fork the project
  2. Create a branch in your forked project called adding_(RFC language code)_translations
  3. Copy file X to new folder apps/src/main/res/values-(RFC language code)
  4. Add your language + credit to you to the list of languages in file translating/
  5. Commit changes to your own branch
  6. Create a pull request in the original project