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Include Blaze templates in your angular-meteor application
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Include Blaze templates in your angular-meteor application.

Quick start

In the command line: $ meteor add urigo:angular-blaze-template

You can include Meteor's Blaze native templates with the blaze-template directive.

<template name="todoList">
    A couple of todos

<blaze-template name="todoList"></blaze-template>

replace directive with template content

Sometimes, the page styling or logic could strictly depend on the DOM tree depth level where the template elements are located. The directive element could be replaced with the contents of the template using the attribute replace as follows:

<blaze-template name="todoList" replace></blaze-template>

WARNING: If replace is used, the original directive DOM element will be completely removed and replaced with the content of the template. Therefore, it will not be possible to use replace in combination with any other directive, like ng-if or ng-switch.

Next steps

Read more on blaze-template, using parameters and binding Blaze templates to Angular's scope in the API docs.

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