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0.7.0-beta.1 (2016-08-21)

Bug Fixes

0.6.2 (2016-07-20)

Bug Fixes

0.6.0 (2016-07-09)

Breaking Changes

Importing URLs of the component templates in a way as import url from './foo.html' will be deprecated from angular2-compilers@0.6.0 in favor of the inline templates. That means the expression above will become now import template from './foo.html'.

For the migration, we've added a special JS-module to angular2-compilers@0.5.8 that exports template content as well but with a special suffix added to the URL, i.e., !raw and the whole path is ./foo.html!raw. URLs like ./foo.html!raw are supported by angular2-compilers@0.6.0 as well allowing you to transit easily.

angular2-compilers@0.6.0 is based on urigo:static-html-compiler@0.1.4 (a0d28d3).


  • Main Meteor methods are now patched to run ngZone after the callback executions (2145847). In other words, autoBind param of the MeteorComponent wrappers is set to true by default. Fixes this issue (thanks @staeke for the idea and discussion)
  • MeteorComponent is improved to support server side rendering. One can use angular2-meteor on the server along with angular2-meteor-universal
  • LESS and SASS compilers are added to angular2-compilers@0.6.0. Angular2 components can start importing styles in the ES6 style (as templates), if styles are located in the root imports folder

Bug Fixes

  • MeteorComponent.autorun: #149 (d049759)
  • Issue with promises: #238 (a611ed8)


  • Angular2-Meteor for Meteor 1.2 based on SystemJS have been deprecated (old code can be found in the legacy branch)
  • Usage Gulp in the build have been deprecated in favor of NPM scripts
  • Tests have been moved to be based on Mocha and Chai (Meteor 1.3 style)


Breaking Changes

  • This package is no longer supported from Atmosphere, and will be installed from NPM from Meteor 1.3 and up.
  • Removed bootstrap module (angular2-meteor/bootstrap) in favor of the original Angular 2.0 bootstrap's.
  • Removed packages/* - they will be moved into a separated NPM modules in the future.
  • Imports location will be defined as NPM imports: import {SomePackage} from 'angular2-meteor/cursor_handlers';
  • Removed the need for SystemJS, now uses Meteor's ES6 imports that depends on CommonJS.


  • Build process now use Webpack instead of Meteor build tool.
  • Tests now executed inside a Meteor context which means that there is a meteor app that uses the actual code, because Angular2-Meteor now does not depends of Meteor packages system (Atmosphere) and uses NPM instead.



Angular 2 upgraded to the first beta version.



Angular 2 upgraded to the last version.

Breaking Changes

  • In the latest releases of Angular 2 (alpha-50 and up) angular2/angular2 namespace were devided into several new ones, mainly, angular2/core and angular2/common
  • The dash symbol were removed in the selectors of main directives, i.e., instead of ng-if you should use ngIf now

For more information about the latest API, please, refer to the official docs.

In order to get new Angular 2 definition files, you'll need to remove typings\angular2 folder and typings\angular2.d.ts file to let the package install updated version.