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Socially - A Meteor-Angular 2 Tutorial App

bitHound Overall Score bitHound Dependencies

This tutorial serves as a comprehensive introduction to writing applications with Meteor and Angular.

We will tap into the power of both frameworks and their eco-systems to write quality applications in a fraction of the time.

Each step in the tutorial is written both in Angular 1 and Angular 2 side by side.

No previous knowledge in Angular or Meteor is necessary.

We will walk you through building an Angular-Meteor app. Can't wait to see it? Here's the final version - Don't forget to come back and go through this tutorial!

Our goal in this tutorial is to add more steps as we go along and to cover as many use cases as possible. That is so that you will feel comfortable in knowing that the Angular Meteor stack supports the features you need when your app scales.

Contributions and feedback

So if there's a use case you think is missing, please suggest it on the Github issues page.

We also welcome pull requests for new chapters and new screencast recordings of existing chapters and would love to work with you on them!

Lets start!

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