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The CraftGuide Minecraft mod
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CraftGuide is a Minecraft mod started back in October 2011, with the intention of providing the functionality of Risugami's Recipe Book, but a user interface which could better handle the absurd number of recipes encountered when playing with certain mods.

Since then, it has slowly developed features to enhance the main functionality, such as making the GUI resizable to comfortably handle screens of all sizes at all GUI scales, and adding an API so that other mods can display recipes which wouldn't normally be visible (such as those for machines, or custom implementations of IRecipe).


If you want to contribute to CraftGuide, simply submit an issue or pull request.

Things currently needed:

  • Translations to other languages
  • Advice on improving the project layout (including how to best credit contributors)
  • Advice on improving this
  • Anything you are interested in working on
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