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Library to manage MyAnimeList

Updates list very well at this moment.
Work in progress about filtering results (works ok for series).

Looking for developers. Currently I'm alone with two projects apart from work, could use some help.

Planned improvements

  • Improved filtering, especially for OVA and Specials.
  • More options for updates, scoring, tagging, setting up dates
  • More verbose output and error handling.

Example usage:

if __name__ == '__main__':
    import sys
    from libMal import Manager
    username = sys.argv[1]
    password = sys.argv[2]
    filename = " ".join(sys.argv[3:])
    manager = Manager(username, password)
    results = manager.findEntriesOnMal(filename)
    #for r in results:
    #    print r
    if(len(results) > 0):