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DoH and DoT. Private DNS servers for private use.


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Little bit files for private DNS project:

Nowadays ISC BIND is used as the backend. Some time ago Knot-Resolver and Unbound with libnghttp2 were used.

Munin plugin kresd_munin_

Original wrote for Unbound server by: (C) 2008 W.C.A. Wijngaards. BSD Licensed. and it's source code may be found on

Plugin for Munin to monitor usage of Knot Resolver servers built-in stats counters.


  1. Put the kresd_munin_ file to Munin's source plugins directory, generally /usr/share/munin/plugins/.
  2. If need, edit kresd_munin.conf and put it to Munin plugin-conf.d, generally /etc/munin/plugin-conf.d/.
  3. Create symlinks to kresd_munin_ with _hits, _by_rcode, _by_flags and _histogram suffix in Munin's enable plugins directory, generally /etc/munin/plugins/.
  4. Restart munin-node.

Please view the source code for take more informations.

DoH and DoT

You can freely use in yours browser, such as, in Firefox DoH custom service. DoT service too, as you want. But remember host machine have 512 MByte RAM only, so be carefully and do not hope to miracle. Please visit for more information and views some statistics of server works.