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Lilly is my SKA Game Jam 2015 entry.

###Inspirational Noun


###Initial Art Assets

Kenney’s Platformer Art Deluxe

SKAMiniMap Example

Get the pack and checkout all the other awesome packs Kenney has at


The first ever SpriteKit Alliance (SKA) Game Jam is under way. The Game Jam goes for an entire week, but you will be only allowed to spend 30 hours on the game. A random art asset pack has been picked from Kenney’s 2D asset packs (Platformer Art Deluxe), and an inspirational noun has been picked at random (Pressure). The Game Jam is open to the public.

If you would like to participate, please email us at along with your name (or alias you go by), a short one liner about you, and any links you would like on this page during the jam (i.e. personal page, Twitch channel, GitHub, Stack Overflow, or anything else that pertains to you as a developer).

SKA is all about helping others and encouraging game development, so all submissions will be available on the site after the jam is over for others to learn from.


  • 1st place will be featured on the SKA Game Jam page along with your username, - profile, and links
  • 2nd and 3rd place will also be mentioned, but will look less cool on the page
  • All other submissions will also be available for download


  • All projects will be shared with those that participated
  • Participants will judge the other projects and submit their top five in order (excluding their own of course)
  • Judging will need to be completed by Nov 28th 11:59 PM
  • You can not win if we do not get your votes on the other projects
  • Things you should consider when judging: completeness, usage of inspirational noun, and usage of initial art assets.


  • Coding cannot be done before Nov 15th 12:00 AM CST or after Nov 21st 11:59 PM CST
  • Although it goes for 1 week, only 30 hours may be dedicated to the jam
  • Art assets will be provided, but you do not have to use them and you can make your own
  • Must primarily use Apple’s SpriteKit framework
  • Developed for iOS or OS X
  • Project must be submitted to by Nov 21st 11:59 PM CST (Dropbox, repo link, or .zip are all acceptable)
  • You may not reuse a game you have already written
  • Swift and Objective-C are both allowed
  • 3rd party libraries/frameworks are allowed (SKAToolKit is highly encouraged)