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Just an advanced terminal calculator
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Just an advanced terminal calculator.

Quich is a small, easy to use, fast and useful calculator for your terminal with multiple functions and options. Written in ANSI C.

You can enter in interactive mode by calling Quich without an operation.


-d --degree Manage the given angles in degrees

-h --help Get help and information

-i --interactive Force interactive mode

-p --precision The number of decimals to be used for the internal numbers

-r --round The number of decimals to round the result

-vvv --verbose Display the result with details

-v --version Show the application version


Syntax: func(operand)

  • sqrt Square root

  • abs Absolute value (positive)

  • log Natural logarithm

  • sin, cos, tan Sine, Cosine and Tangent trigonometric functions

  • asin, acos, atan Arc sine, Arc cosine and Arc tangent trigonometric functions

  • round Round to the nearest integer value

  • floor Round down

  • ceil Round up


The constants PI and E.

The units of measurement for data storage mb, gb, tb and pt (they return the result in kb).


Move to your Quich folder and run the following command:

make; sudo make install

Now you should be able to access to Quich running quich in your terminal.


You can specify the Quich name when installing it with the NAME makefile variable:

sudo make install NAME=calc

Now you will be able to access Quich with the calc command.


$ quich 5+3
$ quich "5+3*(-2)"
$ quich "5+(cos(2)-2)^2"
$ quich "5+(cos(2)-2)^2" -p 2
$ quich 1gb+1mb
$ quich 5+PI -vvv
Tokens > '5' '+' '3.14159265358979'
Posfix > 5 3.14159265358979 +
Result > 8.14159265358979


Any contribution or support to this project in the form of a pull request or message will be highly appreciated. ❤️

This project is open to changes so don't be shy. :)

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