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Any contribution will be highly appreciated. This can be done by submitting a issue or pull request to the Wolff repositories.

Contributing for the first time to an open source project can make you feel a bit insecure, but don't worry, any misunderstanding or mistake will be understood.

Code of conduct

Before contributing to the project, please read the following points and be sure to follow them:

  • Avoid being harsh and using bad language.
  • Don't be discriminatory.
  • Assume always good intentions.

Any behavior that can be qualified as harassment won't be tolerated.

Making a contribution

Pull request

  • Fork the repository on GitHub.
  • Create a feature branch based on the master branch (or in the respective version branch that you will update).
  • Make your changes and be sure that your commit messages are easy to understand.
  • Update the version tag, tests or documentation if it's necessary.
  • Submit the pull request to the respective branch.


  • First, make sure that the same issue does not exists before making a new one.
  • Issues can be published on both the Wolff and Wolff-framework repositories.
  • Take advantage of the available labels, and use them correctly.
  • For writing a issue based on a bug/error, it's recommended to answer the following questions in the issue description:
    • What are the steps to reproduce?
    • What is the expected behaviour?
    • What is the environment? (PHP version, Apache version, OS...)
    • Do you have any additional information?