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HoverStarter is a very simple Android app built with the Hover SDK. Use it as a starting point for your own code, or to troubleshoot setup and installation issues.


  • A Hover account
  • Basic familiarity with GitHub and Android Studio

You can sign up for a Hover account for free if you don't already have one.

How to use HoverStarter

1) Configure a simple action

From your Hover dashboard, configure a simple test action. Check balance or check own phone number often work well. Save your action and note the action ID for use in step 3.

2) Create a new Android Studio project.

Clone this repository and import it into a new Android Studio project. In the app level build.gradle, change the applicationId from com.usehover.hoverstarter to a name of your choice, eg. com.yourname.hoverstarter.

Note: This will allow you to build the starter app quickly, but if you want to use this repository as the basis for a real app you should refactor to change the package name.

3) Create an app

From your Hover dashboard, create an app and give it a name of your choice, eg. "Hover Starter". Use the applicationId from step 2 as the package name. Save the app and note the API token.

In AndroidManifest.xml, replace "YOUR_API_KEY" with the token you just created. Then open and add your action ID from step 1 to the onClickListener for action_button.

4) Build and run

Build and run the app. Tap the "REQUEST PERMISSIONS" button first and follow the prompts. Finally, tap the "RUN ACTION" button to run the test action.


A simple example android app built with the Hover SDK




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