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Slugging for CakePHP 3.x


  • CakePHP 3.2.7+ (for lower CakePHP versions use plugin version 1.0.*)


Using Composer:

composer require muffin/slug

or if your CakePHP is less than 3.2.7 use

composer require muffin/slug:1.0.*

To make your application load the plugin either run:

./bin/cake plugin load Muffin/Slug

or add the following line to config/bootstrap.php:



To enable slugging add the behavior to your table classes in the initialize() method.

public function initialize(array $config)
    $this->addBehavior('Muffin/Slug.Slug', [
        // Optionally define your custom options here (see Configuration)

Please note that Slug expects a database column named slug to function. If you prefer to use another column make sure to specify the field configuration option.


If you want to find a record using its slug, a custom finder is provided by the plugin.

// src/Controller/ExamplesController.php
$example = $this->Examples->find('slugged', ['slug' => $slug]);


Slug comes with the following configuration options:

  • field: name of the field (column) to hold the slug. Defaults to slug.
  • displayField: name of the field(s) to build the slug from. Defaults to the \Cake\ORM\Table::displayField().
  • separator: defaults to -.
  • replacements: hash of characters (or strings) to custom replace before generating the slug.
  • maxLength: maximum length of a slug. Defaults to the field's limit as defined in the schema (when possible). Otherwise, no limit.
  • slugger: class that implements the Muffin\Slug\SlugInterface. Defaults to Muffin\Slug\Slugger\CakeSlugger.
  • unique:: tells if slugs should be unique. Set this to a callable if you want to customize how unique slugs are generated. Defaults to true.
  • scope: extra conditions used when checking a slug for uniqueness.
  • implementedEvents: events this behavior listens to. Defaults to ['Model.buildValidator' => 'buildValidator', 'Model.beforeSave' => 'beforeSave']. By default the behavior adds validation for the displayField fields to make them required on record creating. If you don't want these auto added validations you can set implementedEvents to just ['Model.beforeSave' => 'beforeSave'].
  • onUpdate: Boolean indicating whether slug should be updated when updating record, defaults to false.
  • onDirty: Boolean indicating whether slug should be updated when slug field is dirty (has a preset value custom value), defaults to false.


The plugin contains two sluggers:


The CakeSlugger uses \Cake\Utility\Text::slug() to generate slugs. In the behavior config you can set the slugger key as shown below to pass options to the $options arguments of Text::slug().

'slugger' => [
    'className' => 'Muffin\Slug\Slugger\CakeSlugger',
    'transliteratorId' => '<A valid ICU Transliterator ID here>'


The ConcurSlugger uses concur/slugify to generate slugs. You can use config array similar to the one shown above to pass options to Cocur\Slugify\Slugify's constructor.

Patches & Features

  • Fork
  • Mod, fix
  • Test - this is important, so it's not unintentionally broken
  • Commit - do not mess with license, todo, version, etc. (if you do change any, bump them into commits of their own that I can ignore when I pull)
  • Pull request - bonus point for topic branches

To ensure your PRs are considered for upstream, you MUST follow the CakePHP coding standards. A pre-commit hook has been included to automatically run the code sniffs for you:

ln -s ../../contrib/pre-commit .git/hooks/.

Bugs & Feedback


Copyright (c) 2015, Use Muffin and licensed under The MIT License.