Basic commands for powerful moderation.
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Check our Website for features, commands, installation, and more!


BP:Essentials aims to bring a simplistic yet powerful command suite to Broke Protocol


UserR00T: Website | GitHub

DeathByKorea: Website | GitHub

Data collection

BP-Essentials Collects the following:

From Server to

User Agents:

  • > User agents may or may not include:
  • IP's,
  • Operating Systems,
  • Browser + Version
  • > User Agents automatically gets sent when a web request is made. The website is used to fetch the following data:

From Client to Server:

IP Addresses:

  • > When the user connects to the server their IP gets sent to the server and ONLY to the server. This IP will be stored in Essentials/ip_list.txt along with their username.

Chat Messages and Chat Commands:

  • > When you type a command or message it will be logged in output_log.txt and Essentials/logs/all.txt and Essentials/Chat/chat.txt or Essentials/Chat/commands.txt

NOTE: BP-Essentials does NOT store data from clients (eg players) on BP-Essentials servers (, Github.IO). The only servers that have access to that data is the server you're currently playing on.


This project is licenced under the GNU GPL v3.0 Licence, for more information visit this link.