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PasteVault - Email lives forever, passwords in email shouldn't

Critical Note - PasteVault must be served over SSL. Even though it encrypts the text client side, without serving the javascript that does this over SSL it could be interfered with and expose the users data.

PasteVault is an application to allow the creation of temporary text notes which are encrypted in browser and stored on a server with an expiration. A unique link is generated and that link can be shared for up to the expiration period. With the link, plus the password the text can be decoded. This is perfect for sending confidential information into a help desk or over email. Not using such a tool means your password, url, address, etc is stored forever in the help desk tool or email system. is available already, this is the source code for that site should you want to run your own in house instance of PasteVault.


PasteVault works out of the box. To customize it for production edit the files in the "production" folder in /application/config/. Make sure on your production server to set the Laravel environment to production (info).

The Laravel /storage directory must be writable


PasteVault defaults to storing the texts via Laravel's Cache system to file. You could change this to MySQL or one of the other options via configuration.

Clean Up

A task is included to clean out expired texts. This isn't technically required as trying to access an expired text will cause the cache to delete it anyway and it won't be served to the visitor, but it's nice to be able to clean out old ones. You run the task via cron using Laravel artisan. In a production setup you'd use something like:

/path/to/php /path/to/artisan clean

PasteVault License

PasteVault is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT License.

PasteVault Copyright

The name PasteVault and as well as the logo are copyright UserScape, Inc.

Stanford Javascript Crypto Library License

The Stanford Javascript Crypto Library is distributed under the terms of the BSD

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