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Extreme Gpu Friendly Video Format

what is this?

  • Original file format optimized for random access at any frame
  • Frame data is compressed DXT1, DXT3, DXT5 format
  • Storage format is compressed by lz4


$ cd scripts
$ ruby download_resource.rb

How to encode

Required ffmpeg.
Please install ffmpeg by brew(osx) or chocolatey(windows).
or png tiff sequence directly.

1. create *.gvintermediate from any video file

$ cd scripts
$ ruby video_to_gvintermediate.rb

2. open openframeworks project file

  • converter-osx/converter-osx.xcodeproj (osx)
  • converter-win/ofxExtremeGpuVideo_win.sln (windows)

3. select format dxt1, dxt3, dxt5

  • unity is not supported dxt3 yet.

4. click compress, and select *.gvintermediate directory

  • please wait

5. done

binary file format (gv)

0: uint32_t width
4: uint32_t height
8: uint32_t frame count
12: float fps
16: uint32_t fmt (DXT1 = 1, DXT3 = 3, DXT5 = 5, BC7 = 7)
20: uint32_t frame bytes
24: raw frame storage (lz4 compressed)
eof - (frame count) * 16: [(uint64_t, uint64_t)..<frame count] (address, size) of lz4, address is zero based from file head

nvtt encoder supported