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Ustad Mobile

Note: most of our development is currently happening in the soon to be released dev-mvvm-primary branch.

Ustad Mobile enables users to teach, learn, and share: online or offline. It is a learning management system (LMS) built from the ground up to work with or without connectivity.

Supported content formats:

  • EPUB content: Anything you can do with HTML5 can be in EPUB (video, interactive quizzes, etc).
  • Experience API: TinCan API Zip file (containing tincan.xml)
  • H5P: H5P interactive content
  • MP4, WEBM video

Ustad Mobile is licensed under the AGPLv3 license: please see the LICENSE file for details.

Installing on a server (self-hosting)

See app-ktor-server for instructions on building the server JAR. Then see for instructions on running the server.

Getting started building from source:

./gradlew -Pktorbundleproductionjs=true build

Windows command line:

gradlew  -Pktorbundleproductionjs=true build

If you see compilation errors regarding MessageID, this seems to be caused by a gradle dependency ordering issue. Run:

gradlew core:prepareLocale

Then try again (Sorry).

Start the server:

You should now be able to open the web version on http://localhost:8087/ . The admin password will be found in ./app-ktor-server/data/singleton/admin.txt

  • Install and run the Android app : run
adb install ./app-android-launcher/build/outputs/apk/debug/app-android-launcher-debug.apk

You should now be able to open the Android app. When the Android app starts, enter the address of the rest server e.g. where is the IP address of your development machine.


Contributions are welcome! If you're unsure about anything, please create an issue and label it as a question.

  • Localization - Localization is done using on our Weblate project. Please register on Weblate and then create an issue with the subject "Localization - language name" and let us know what language you would like to translate into. We can then give you permission to start translating!
  • Feature requests - Let us know what features you would like to see. Create an issue and label it as a feature request.
  • Bug reports - this project is written primarily in Kotlin as a Kotlin Multiplatform. You can create an issue or even send us a pull request.
  • Code contributions - we welcome pull requests. Please ensure your contribution is readable, follows existing patterns and provides the required tests.

Code structure

This multi-module Gradle project built using Kotlin Multiplatform. It builds for:

  • Android (app-android)
  • KTOR Server (JVM) (app-ktor-server)

Code is contained (mostly) in the following modules:

  • core : Contains presenters, view interfaces, and core business logic.
  • sharedse: Contains some shared implementations for operating systems with a disk (JVM/Android)
  • app-ktor-server: Contains the HTTP rest server (implemented using KTOR)
  • app-android: Contains Android implementation, forms the basis of the app in app-android-launcher but can also be used as a library in other apps.
  • app-react: Contains the web version implemented using Kotlin/JS
  • app-android-launcher/: Standalone app launcher that uses app-android.
  • lib-database: contains the database, DAO, and entity classes.
  • lib-util: Small utility functions
  • test-end-to-end End-to-end tests that run the app and server.
  • testserver-controller An HTTP server that can control starting and stopping the main server, and manage adb screen recording. Used by end-to-end testing.

To build debug / release versions for any given platform please see the README in the directory for that platform.

Configuration management

There are two parts to the configuration:

  • Build configuration : contains properties used during the build and testing process.

  • App config : a .properties file that is contained in the assets. This can be overriden when the app is used as a library. By default com/ustadmobile/core/ will be used. This can be overriden by setting the com.ustadmobile.core.appconfig manifest property (e.g. meta-data in AndroidManifest.xml).

The build configuration system uses two .properties files:

  • Contains default options
  • : Contains any custom options and is excluded from git. Any option set in will override what's set in the default properties.