World Wide War - Multiplayer artillery game baked with JavaScript goodness.
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World Wide War

##Kip - - post hook deploy



###paint world ###paint tank ###paint bullet ###paint mini-map

user input: aim & fire & move

  • accept input

Debug Box Info

  • How many people are connected
  • Total tanks; bullets in world

Basic CAAT framework with a scene for the game

  • Show a loading page. Show a starting scene. wait for user input. switch to "game scene"


###build world



###select next player

###game loop

###process user: aim, fire, move

###send data to clients

###user / player

  • Determine how to get input from user (left/right arrow keys to move; up/down arrows to aim; space down to start shoot -- show power meter; space up to fire)
  • pass events to server

Game Play Thoughts

  • People visit the main game URL and asks to play the game
  • After everyone is ready, the game begins
  • A long flat world is created
  • User can scroll the world right/left
  • User owns a collection (like 5) tanks
  • User can select which tank has focus
  • User can control the tank that has focus

Code Layout, Design and Architecture

  • Everything starts in "views/index.jade"
    • If you need more files (like new .js files) includes, include them in via this file
  • The actual client side starts up in "public/js/startup.js"
    • See the function near the bottom that does: window.addEventListener -- it creates the "Splash Screen"; and redirects to a function called "createScenes" (in same file)
  • The main "Game" happens in "public/js/gameScene.js" -- this creates the Game Scene and everything that is part of the game
  • The "Client-Side Map" for the game is in "public/js/mapActor.js" -- this manages the game map
    • The game map is the ground, the earth, the dirt, the area the tanks roll on, the stuff that gets blown up and deformed by bombs
    • The "Map" is currently rendering "frames-per-second" in the top.left corner of the game scene
  • The "Server-Side Map" for the game is currently found in "app.js" AND in "lib/map.js"
    • The server has a "setInterval" that randomly changes the map data
    • And sends an "updateMap" call to each client, with the "map x index" and the "new value for that index"
    • Each client is always repainting the entire world (which includes the map), so the new map value just gets painted on the next repaint
    • NOTE: This continues until the server shrinks a single map vertical-line to less than 10 pixels -- then it is "Game Over" and clearInterval happens
    • To restart the game, refresh the browser

by UtahJS Group