An all-in-one, one click system maintenace application for Ubuntu/Debian operating systems and derivatives
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Name   : uCareSystem
License: GPL3 (
Author : Salih Emin
Email  : salihemin (at)
Date   : 25-01-2018
Version: 4.4.0
System : Ubuntu or Debian derivatives (Not tested every flavor)


Note: please use only **ucaresystem-core**. uCareSystem is the GUI version and currently it is not maintained and
not up to date with the features that are integrated in ucaresystem-core.

In summary, ucaresystem Core automatically performs the following maintenance processes without any need of user interference :

  • Updates the list of available packages
  • Downloads and installs the available updates
  • Checks if there are older Linux kernels on the system and removes them. However it keeps the current and one previous version of the kernel.
  • Cleans the cache of the downloaded packages
  • Removes obsolete packages
  • Removes orphan packets
  • Deletes package configuration files from packages that have been uninstalled by you.


Default system updates and maintenace for Ubuntu / debian / Linux Mint (and derivatives) :

sudo ucaresystem-core

When the next available release is availabe for Ubuntu (and official flavors) you can upgrade with '-u':

sudo ucaresystem-core -u

If you are a tester, developer, or simply an enthusiast, you can upgrade to the next development cycle of Ubuntu (and official flavors) with '-d':

sudo ucaresystem-core -d

If your Ubuntu (and official flavors) has reached the EOL support you can upgrade to the next supported release with '-eol':

sudo ucaresystem-core -eol

For information about the availabe parameters, start ucaresystem-core with '-h' parameter :

sudo ucaresystem-core -h