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A setup utility for ZX-Uno
Visual Basic Assembly
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A menu guided setup utility for ZX-Uno and settings set configurator. Allows to change several settings in the ZX-Uno on the fly, without reseting, and allows saving different profiles to restore them later.

Build instructions

  • Compile the BAS file with ZX-Basic (requires Python to run):

    python ZXUC.BAS -O9 -S 45000

  • Compile the ASM files with Pasmo:

    pasmo zxuc.asm ZXUC pasmo zxucsave.asm ZXUCSAVE

  • Copy the ZXUC, ZXUCSAVE and ZXUC.BIN files in the /BIN folder of your SD card.


ESXDOS: Put ZXUC, ZXUCSAVE and ZXUC.BIN files at you SD card /BIN folder UnoDOS: Put ZXUC, ZXUCSAVE and ZXUC.BIN files at you SD card /CMD folder

  • Open the GUI:


  • Save the current settings to the named file (normal filename restrictions apply):

.zxucsave filename

  • Restore previously saved settings:

You can restore previously saved profile typing:

.zxuc xxxxxxxx

Profile files are stored at /SYS/CONFIG/ZXUCCFG folder.

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