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Average (I know what I´m doing)
Fast (Just make it work)
Long (Don´t trust, verify!)
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Masternode Tutorials and Hosting

This page is dedicated to help you setup a DOMO Masternode as fast and easy as you prefer!

Getting Started

Depending on if you want to host your own Server and compile the Sourcecode or just make the Masternode run without any technical knowledge, you can pick a solution below:

Shared hosting

Don´t want to setup and run Masternode yourself and also don´t want to pay for hosting in $$$ ? Shared hosting might be for you!


  • No Setup
  • No monthly hosting fee


  • No control of your coins (trust the provider)
  • Paid in reward shares from masternodes


  • Masternode World - Shared Masternode hosting #1
  • Monitor - Shared Masternode and Staking on discord
  • MNPilot - Shared Masternode on discord (russian + english community)

Managed Masternode hosting

Pay a monthly fee and manage your Masternode by a external Service


  • No Setup
  • Full control of your coins


  • Monthly fee paid upfront in ₿ or €


  • IHostMN - Host your Masternode for just 0,99€/month


Want to setup a Masternode yourself? We prepared 3 different levels based on your experience:

  • Fast - Just make it work!
  • Average - I did this already before
  • Long - Don´t trust, verify!
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