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KI1V13001 - Inleiding Logica


Maintenance made-with-latex License: CC BY 4.0


This is the source material for the course Inleiding Logica (KI1V13001) at Utrecht University. The material consists of:

  • the syllabus (lib/syllabus)
  • the slides (lib/slides)
  • the lecture notes (lib/notes)

Students currently taking the course can find pdfs of the material under Course Material.1


We encourage contributions, especially but not exclusively from past and present students of the course. Two simple ways of contributing are:

  • open issues, for example to point out typos, mistakes, or make feature requests
  • making pull requests, for example to fix a mistake yourself and become a contributor.

If these things don't tell you anything yet, don't despair! Check the next two sections.


If you're here and don't know about GitHub already, then you're probably here because you're currently taking the course. Note that it's not mandatory to learn git/GitHub, but it's a highly valuable skill and it allows you to contribute to the course material: immortalize yourself in our first-year logic course!

A good place to get started on git/GitHub is here.


The technical bits of the course material are written in LaTeX. If you want to contribute, you'll need to learn it. Again, this is not mandatory if you're a student taking the course but again, it's a pretty useful skill. In fact, most scientific writing in formal disciplines (math, physics, computer science, ...) is done in LaTeX. Get started here here.

The non-technical bits of the material are written in markdown (such as this readme and the syllabus), a very simple markup language. Learn more about it here.


If you want to compile the source materials yourself, you need git, a standard LaTeX install (e.g. texlive-core), pandoc, and make. These are easy to get if you're working on Linux (via your package manager) or Mac (via homebrew). I don't know about Windows but that should be possible, too (if you know you're way around GNU Make on Windows, please let me know).

The standard way of downloading and compiling is via the command line as follows (assuming you have installed the above dependencies):

  git clone --recurse-submodules
  cd KI1V13001-Inleiding-Logica
  make all

This will create the folder KI1V13001-Inleiding-Logica in your current working directory with the course materials in it, and then compile the pdfs into a folder pdf inside. Don't forget to run the configure script, since this will update the source code with the current course specifics (dates, TAs, etc.).


The course material is in continuing development. This means that if you have installed the source code one day and continue working on it later that week, there might have been changes made in the meanwhile to the source material on GitHub. This is why every time before you start working on the material (in whatever way), you should run:

  git pull

More on this here.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


For communication about a current version of the course, especially current students of the course, please use to get in touch.

For everybody and everything else, use


  1. Everybody else can find them there, too, of course.


This is the source material for the course "Inleiding Logica" (KI1V13001) as taught at Utrecht University for the BSc "Kunstmatige Intelligentie"



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