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Insight explorer container for Komodo assetchains
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The files in this directory are an example of a quick start to work with the Docker image (folder "docker").



Docker CE.


  1. Clone this repo: changing the name from "insight-ui-komodo" to something like "insight-ui-oot" (where "oot" is your coin ticker symbol all lowercase). We already did this for OOT:

  2. Build the docker image:

cd docker
docker build -t kmdplatform/insight .
  1. Start the container specifying your coin symbol:
cd ..
./ OOT
  1. Customize your UI repo. Restart the container to see the changes.

The following steps apply only if you don't have already a daemon running:

  1. Run your daemon start script (credentials used by insight are defined here): ./ (we made this one for OOT.)
  2. Wait until it's fully synchronized.
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