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Utum is a 100% pure POS system. And Utum is operated by community.


coin symbol : UTUM
algorithm : Quark
block reward : staking 40%, masternode 60%
3000 UTUM required coins for masternode
blocktime : 60 sec
port : 17121, rpcport : 17122
total supply : infinite
genesis date : 1st May, 2018

Official Link

exchanges :
masternode online :
masternodecoins :

wallet discord

Reward Policy

PhaseBlock HeightRewardMasternodesStaking
Premine1352,000 UTUM60%40%
Phase 12-30001 UTUM60%40%
Phase 23001-1200060 UTUM60%40%
Phase 312001-22000100 UTUM60%40%
Phase 422001-42000140 UTUM60%40%
Phase 542001-100000100 UTUM60%40%
Phase 6100001-16000080 UTUM60%40%
Phase 7160001-infinite60 UTUM60%40%


Robin project manages and develops cryptocurrency coins. For many community members, Robin project provides more quality applications and leads the blockchain culture soundly. All development is done as a donation, and when a certain donation is completed, we will gradually develop applications for coin holders. Thank you.

BTC: 3HiMhcv7VZWsCesZ34fZmUxTdgeqz
UTUM: UhSJoFqaqkBCcbAhPi1hzqEbwVrTgGCmMv

home announcement contact

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