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text search

postgresql-based options .3/static/textsearch.html (tsearch2, integrated into postgresql >=8.3)

python-based (whoosh) (whoosh, stemming will probably be an issue) (grassyknoll, still in alpha) (magpy, only a wrapper for mg) (pylucene, an extension for accessing lucene from python) …


Currently I am thinking of going the postgresql way. Especially since it supports using ispell for stemming and stop-word lists.

implementation - postgresql

Diegiam žodyną. sudo apt-get install myspell-lt

Įdiegus turėtų automatiškai pasileisti pg_updatedicts.

Sukuriame naują žodyną: CREATE TEXT SEARCH DICTIONARY lithuanian ( TEMPLATE = ispell, DictFile = system_lt_lt, AffFile = system_lt_lt );

Sukuriame naują text search konfigūraciją: CREATE TEXT SEARCH CONFIGURATION ( COPY = pg_catalog.english ); ALTER TEXT SEARCH CONFIGURATION lt ALTER MAPPING FOR asciiword, asciihword, hword_asciipart, word, hword, hword_part WITH lithuanian;

Nustatome kaip default: SET default_text_search_config = ‘’;

Pabandome: select plainto_tsquery(‘aukštesnioji mokytojas’);

permission checking

The roles we will probably need:

  • Administrator
  • Moderator
  • Registered user (creating new subjects, groups, etc.)
  • Group member
  • Group moderator
  • File owner

What is the best way to implement this? Decorators?

model properties, case insensitive search


banner management

banner management functionality:

  • Upload banner image
  • Selective display
  • Click tracking ?

selective display of banners

filter by:

  • location tag
  • context type [*, profile, group, subject, page]
  • specific content item (by id)
  • logged in users
  • users in certain locations (by group location tag)


Multiple filters per banner: everywhere in VU/MIF and all users in KTU/IF