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# Danish translations for Wine
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: Wine\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: N/A\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2012-04-09 10:14+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Automatically generated\n"
"Language-Team: none\n"
"Language: Danish\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
#: appwiz.rc:55
msgid "Install/Uninstall"
msgstr "Installer/Fjern"
#: appwiz.rc:58
msgid ""
"To install a new program from a floppy disk, CD-ROM drive, or your hard "
"drive, click Install."
msgstr ""
"For at installere et nyt program fra en diskette, Cdrom-drev, eller din "
"harddisk, skal du klikke på Installer."
#: appwiz.rc:59
msgid "&Install..."
msgstr "&Installer..."
#: appwiz.rc:62
msgid ""
"The following software can be automatically removed. To remove a program or "
"to modify its installed components, select it from the list and click Change/"
msgstr ""
"Følgende software kan blive fjernet automatisk. Hvis du vil fjerne et "
"program eller ændre dets installerede komponenter, skal du vælge det fra "
"listen, og klik på Rediger / Fjern."
#: appwiz.rc:64
msgid "&Support Information"
msgstr "&Support information"
#: appwiz.rc:65 regedit.rc:42 regedit.rc:87
msgid "&Modify..."
msgstr "&Rediger..."
#: appwiz.rc:66 appwiz.rc:42 cryptui.rc:343 msacm32.rc:37 winecfg.rc:191
#: winecfg.rc:228 wordpad.rc:245
msgid "&Remove"
msgstr "&Fjern"
#: appwiz.rc:72
msgid "Support Information"
msgstr "Support information"
#: appwiz.rc:75 avifil32.rc:51 comctl32.rc:52 comdlg32.rc:226 comdlg32.rc:256
#: comdlg32.rc:299 comdlg32.rc:353 comdlg32.rc:392 comdlg32.rc:446
#: credui.rc:49 cryptui.rc:260 cryptui.rc:272 cryptui.rc:362 dinput.rc:43
#: ieframe.rc:93 localui.rc:41 localui.rc:54 mpr.rc:46 msacm32.rc:50
#: mshtml.rc:45 mshtml.rc:55 msvfw32.rc:33 oledlg.rc:55 oledlg.rc:87
#: serialui.rc:38 setupapi.rc:56 shell32.rc:273 shell32.rc:297 shell32.rc:319
#: shell32.rc:337 shlwapi.rc:41 user32.rc:77 user32.rc:95 wininet.rc:48
#: wininet.rc:68 winspool.rc:39 net.rc:44 notepad.rc:114 oleview.rc:159
#: oleview.rc:172 progman.rc:103 progman.rc:121 progman.rc:139 progman.rc:155
#: progman.rc:177 progman.rc:196 progman.rc:213 regedit.rc:244 regedit.rc:255
#: regedit.rc:268 regedit.rc:284 regedit.rc:297 regedit.rc:310 taskmgr.rc:442
#: taskmgr.rc:517 winecfg.rc:205 winecfg.rc:215 wineconsole.rc:131
#: winefile.rc:128 winefile.rc:151 winefile.rc:181 winemine.rc:68
#: winemine.rc:78 winemine.rc:92 wordpad.rc:204 wordpad.rc:215 wordpad.rc:233
#: wordpad.rc:246
msgid "OK"
msgstr "OK"
#: appwiz.rc:76
msgid "The following information can be used to get technical support for %s:"
msgstr "Følgende oplysninger kan bruges til at få teknisk support for %s:"
#: appwiz.rc:77
msgid "Publisher:"
msgstr "Udgiver:"
#: appwiz.rc:78 winefile.rc:166
msgid "Version:"
msgstr "Version:"
#: appwiz.rc:79
msgid "Contact:"
msgstr "Kontakt:"
#: appwiz.rc:80
msgid "Support Information:"
msgstr "Support information:"
#: appwiz.rc:81
msgid "Support Telephone:"
msgstr "Support Telefon:"
#: appwiz.rc:82
msgid "Readme:"
msgstr "Læs mig:"
#: appwiz.rc:83
msgid "Product Updates:"
msgstr "Produkt Opdateringer:"
#: appwiz.rc:84
msgid "Comments:"
msgstr "Kommentarer:"
#: appwiz.rc:97
msgid "Wine Gecko Installer"
msgstr "Wine Gecko Installationsprogram"
#: appwiz.rc:100
msgid ""
"Wine could not find a Gecko package which is needed for applications "
"embedding HTML to work correctly. Wine can automatically download and "
"install it for you.\n"
"Note: it is recommended to use your distribution's packages instead. See <a "
"href=\"\"></a> for "
msgstr ""
"Wine kunne ikke finde Gecko Pakken, som er nødvendig for at få "
"applikationers indlejring af HTML til at fungere korrekt. Wine kan "
"automatisk hente, og installere det for dig.\n"
"Bemærk: Det anbefales at bruge distributions pakker i stedet. Se http://wiki."
" for flere detaljer."
#: appwiz.rc:106 appwiz.rc:121
msgid "&Install"
msgstr "&Installer"
#: appwiz.rc:107 appwiz.rc:122 avifil32.rc:52 browseui.rc:37 comctl32.rc:53
#: comctl32.rc:68 comdlg32.rc:165 comdlg32.rc:187 comdlg32.rc:205
#: comdlg32.rc:227 comdlg32.rc:257 comdlg32.rc:300 comdlg32.rc:322
#: comdlg32.rc:342 comdlg32.rc:354 comdlg32.rc:393 comdlg32.rc:447
#: comdlg32.rc:471 comdlg32.rc:489 credui.rc:50 cryptui.rc:261 cryptui.rc:273
#: cryptui.rc:363 dinput.rc:44 ieframe.rc:94 inetcpl.rc:78 localui.rc:42
#: localui.rc:55 mpr.rc:47 msacm32.rc:51 mshtml.rc:46 mshtml.rc:56
#: msvfw32.rc:34 oledlg.rc:56 oledlg.rc:88 serialui.rc:39 setupapi.rc:39
#: setupapi.rc:57 shell32.rc:274 shell32.rc:298 shell32.rc:309 shell32.rc:338
#: shlwapi.rc:42 user32.rc:78 user32.rc:96 wininet.rc:49 wininet.rc:69
#: winspool.rc:40 notepad.rc:115 oleview.rc:160 oleview.rc:173 progman.rc:104
#: progman.rc:122 progman.rc:140 progman.rc:156 progman.rc:178 progman.rc:197
#: progman.rc:214 regedit.rc:245 regedit.rc:256 regedit.rc:269 regedit.rc:285
#: regedit.rc:298 regedit.rc:311 taskmgr.rc:443 taskmgr.rc:518 wineboot.rc:31
#: winecfg.rc:206 winecfg.rc:216 wineconsole.rc:132 winefile.rc:129
#: winefile.rc:152 winefile.rc:182 winemine.rc:93 wordpad.rc:205
#: wordpad.rc:216 wordpad.rc:234 wordpad.rc:247
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Annuller"
#: appwiz.rc:112
#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Wine Gecko Installer"
msgid "Wine Mono Installer"
msgstr "Wine Gecko Installationsprogram"
#: appwiz.rc:115
#, fuzzy
#| msgid ""
#| "Wine could not find a Gecko package which is needed for applications "
#| "embedding HTML to work correctly. Wine can automatically download and "
#| "install it for you.\n"
#| "\n"
#| "Note: it is recommended to use your distribution's packages instead. See "
#| "<a href=\"\"></a> "
#| "for details."
msgid ""
"Wine could not find a Mono package which is needed for .NET applications to "
"work correctly. Wine can automatically download and install it for you.\n"
"Note: it is recommended to use your distribution's packages instead. See <a "
"href=\"\"></a> for "
msgstr ""
"Wine kunne ikke finde Gecko Pakken, som er nødvendig for at få "
"applikationers indlejring af HTML til at fungere korrekt. Wine kan "
"automatisk hente, og installere det for dig.\n"
"Bemærk: Det anbefales at bruge distributions pakker i stedet. Se http://wiki."
" for flere detaljer."
#: appwiz.rc:28
msgid "Add/Remove Programs"
msgstr "Tilføj/Fjern Programmer"
#: appwiz.rc:29
msgid ""
"Allows you to install new software, or remove existing software from your "
msgstr ""
"Giver dig mulighed for at installere ny software, eller fjerne eksisterende "
"software fra din computer."
#: appwiz.rc:30 taskmgr.rc:262 winecfg.rc:30
msgid "Applications"
msgstr "Programmer"
#: appwiz.rc:32
msgid ""
"Unable to execute the uninstaller, '%s'. Do you want to remove the uninstall "
"entry for this program from the registry?"
msgstr ""
"Er ikke i stand til at starte afinstallationen, '%s'. Ønsker du at fjerne "
"fjernes posten, for dette program fra registreringsdatabasen?"
#: appwiz.rc:33
msgid "Not specified"
msgstr "Ikke specificeret"
#: appwiz.rc:35 shell32.rc:141 shell32.rc:238 regedit.rc:122 winefile.rc:104
msgid "Name"
msgstr "Navn"
#: appwiz.rc:36
msgid "Publisher"
msgstr "Udgiver"
#: appwiz.rc:37 cryptui.rc:51
msgid "Version"
msgstr "Version"
#: appwiz.rc:38
msgid "Installation programs"
msgstr "Installationsprogrammer"
#: appwiz.rc:39
msgid "Programs (*.exe)"
msgstr "Programmer (*.exe)"
#: appwiz.rc:40 avifil32.rc:30 cryptui.rc:80 shell32.rc:196 notepad.rc:73
#: oleview.rc:101 progman.rc:79 regedit.rc:195 winedbg.rc:39 winhlp32.rc:87
msgid "All files (*.*)"
msgstr "Alle filer (*.*)"
#: appwiz.rc:43
msgid "&Modify/Remove"
msgstr "&Rediger/Fjern"
#: appwiz.rc:48
msgid "Downloading..."
msgstr "Henter..."
#: appwiz.rc:49
msgid "Installing..."
msgstr "Installerer..."
#: appwiz.rc:50
msgid ""
"Unexpected checksum of downloaded file. Aborting installation of corrupted "
msgstr ""
"Uventet kontrolsum af hentet fil. Afbryder installation af korrupt fil."
#: avifil32.rc:39
msgid "Compress options"
msgstr "Komprimeringsindstillinger"
#: avifil32.rc:42
msgid "&Choose a stream:"
msgstr "&Vælg stream:"
#: avifil32.rc:45 wordpad.rc:73
msgid "&Options..."
msgstr "&Alternativer..."
#: avifil32.rc:46
msgid "&Interleave every"
msgstr "&Interleave hver"
#: avifil32.rc:48 msvfw32.rc:48
msgid "frames"
msgstr "Billeder"
#: avifil32.rc:49
msgid "Current format:"
msgstr "Nuværende format:"
#: avifil32.rc:27
msgid "Waveform: %s"
msgstr "Lydkurve: %s"
#: avifil32.rc:28
msgid "Waveform"
msgstr "Lydkurve"
#: avifil32.rc:29
msgid "All multimedia files"
msgstr "Alle multimedie filer"
#: avifil32.rc:31
msgid "video"
msgstr "video"
#: avifil32.rc:32
msgid "audio"
msgstr "lyd"
#: avifil32.rc:33
msgid "Wine AVI-default-filehandler"
msgstr "Wine AVI-standard-filehandler"
#: avifil32.rc:34
msgid "uncompressed"
msgstr "ukomprimeret"
#: browseui.rc:25
msgid "Canceling..."
msgstr "Annullering..."
#: comctl32.rc:49 winefile.rc:157
msgid "Properties for %s"
msgstr "Egenskaber for %s"
#: comctl32.rc:54 comdlg32.rc:258
msgid "&Apply"
msgstr "&Anvend"
#: comctl32.rc:55 comctl32.rc:69 comdlg32.rc:301 user32.rc:86
msgid "Help"
msgstr "Hjælp"
#: comctl32.rc:62
msgid "Wizard"
msgstr "Guide"
#: comctl32.rc:65
msgid "< &Back"
msgstr "< &Tilbage"
#: comctl32.rc:66
msgid "&Next >"
msgstr "&Næste >"
#: comctl32.rc:67
msgid "Finish"
msgstr "Færdig"
#: comctl32.rc:78
msgid "Customize Toolbar"
msgstr "Tilpas Værktøjslinje"
#: comctl32.rc:81 cryptui.rc:348 ieframe.rc:40 oleview.rc:80 oleview.rc:185
#: oleview.rc:198 oleview.rc:210 taskmgr.rc:139
msgid "&Close"
msgstr "&Luk"
#: comctl32.rc:82
msgid "R&eset"
msgstr "N&ulstil"
#: comctl32.rc:83 comdlg32.rc:166 comdlg32.rc:188 comdlg32.rc:259
#: comdlg32.rc:323 comdlg32.rc:343 comdlg32.rc:355 comdlg32.rc:472
#: comdlg32.rc:490 ieframe.rc:55 msacm32.rc:49 oledlg.rc:89 shell32.rc:125
#: clock.rc:41 notepad.rc:57 notepad.rc:116 oleview.rc:69 progman.rc:52
#: progman.rc:105 progman.rc:123 progman.rc:141 progman.rc:157 progman.rc:181
#: progman.rc:199 progman.rc:216 regedit.rc:76 taskmgr.rc:87 winefile.rc:79
#: winemine.rc:48 winhlp32.rc:53 wordpad.rc:91
msgid "&Help"
msgstr "&Hjælp"
#: comctl32.rc:84
msgid "Move &Up"
msgstr "Flyt &Op"
#: comctl32.rc:85
msgid "Move &Down"
msgstr "Flyt &Ned"
#: comctl32.rc:86
msgid "A&vailable buttons:"
msgstr "T&ilgængelige knapper:"
#: comctl32.rc:88
msgid "&Add ->"
msgstr "&Tilføj ->"
#: comctl32.rc:89
msgid "<- &Remove"
msgstr "<- &Fjern"
#: comctl32.rc:90
msgid "&Toolbar buttons:"
msgstr "&Værktøjs knapper:"
#: comctl32.rc:39
msgid "Separator"
msgstr "Separator"
#: comctl32.rc:44 progman.rc:78
msgctxt "hotkey"
msgid "None"
msgstr "Ingen"
#: comctl32.rc:28 cryptui.rc:227 regedit.rc:234 taskmgr.rc:434 winedbg.rc:57
#: winedbg.rc:72 wordpad.rc:169
msgid "Close"
msgstr "Luk"
#: comctl32.rc:33
msgid "Today:"
msgstr "Idag:"
#: comctl32.rc:34
msgid "Go to today"
msgstr "Gå til i dag"
#: comdlg32.rc:151 comdlg32.rc:164 comdlg32.rc:453 comdlg32.rc:478
#: shell32.rc:164 oleview.rc:99
msgid "Open"
msgstr "Åbn"
#: comdlg32.rc:154 comdlg32.rc:176
msgid "File &Name:"
msgstr "&Filnavn:"
#: comdlg32.rc:157 comdlg32.rc:179
msgid "&Directories:"
msgstr "&Kataloger:"
#: comdlg32.rc:160 comdlg32.rc:182
msgid "List Files of &Type:"
msgstr "&Oversigt over filer af type:"
#: comdlg32.rc:162 comdlg32.rc:184
msgid "Dri&ves:"
msgstr "&Drev:"
#: comdlg32.rc:167 comdlg32.rc:189 winefile.rc:173
msgid "&Read Only"
msgstr "Sk&rivebeskyttet"
#: comdlg32.rc:173
msgid "Save As..."
msgstr "Gem som..."
#: comdlg32.rc:186 comdlg32.rc:141
msgid "Save As"
msgstr "Gem som"
#: comdlg32.rc:195 comdlg32.rc:204 comdlg32.rc:350 comdlg32.rc:50 hhctrl.rc:46
#: wordpad.rc:162
msgid "Print"
msgstr "Udskriv"
#: comdlg32.rc:198
msgid "Printer:"
msgstr "Printer:"
#: comdlg32.rc:200 comdlg32.rc:377
msgid "Print range"
msgstr "Udskriv område"
#: comdlg32.rc:201 comdlg32.rc:378 regedit.rc:216
msgid "&All"
msgstr "&Alt"
#: comdlg32.rc:202
msgid "S&election"
msgstr "&Markeret"
#: comdlg32.rc:203
msgid "&Pages"
msgstr "&Sider"
#: comdlg32.rc:206 comdlg32.rc:228
msgid "&Setup"
msgstr "&Indstilling"
#: comdlg32.rc:207
msgid "&From:"
msgstr "&Fra:"
#: comdlg32.rc:208
msgid "&To:"
msgstr "&Til:"
#: comdlg32.rc:209
msgid "Print &Quality:"
msgstr "&Udskriftskvalitet:"
#: comdlg32.rc:211
msgid "Print to Fi&le"
msgstr "Udskriv til fi&l"
#: comdlg32.rc:212
msgid "Condensed"
msgstr "Sammentrykket"
#: comdlg32.rc:218 comdlg32.rc:389
msgid "Print Setup"
msgstr "Udskriftsindstilling"
#: comdlg32.rc:221 comdlg32.rc:357 comdlg32.rc:396
msgid "Printer"
msgstr "Printer"
#: comdlg32.rc:222
msgid "&Default Printer"
msgstr "&Standardprinter"
#: comdlg32.rc:223
msgid "[none]"
msgstr "[ingen]"
#: comdlg32.rc:224
msgid "Specific &Printer"
msgstr "Specifik &printer"
#: comdlg32.rc:229 comdlg32.rc:415 comdlg32.rc:434 wineps.rc:31
msgid "Orientation"
msgstr "Retning"
#: comdlg32.rc:230
msgid "Po&rtrait"
msgstr "Po&rtræt"
#: comdlg32.rc:231 comdlg32.rc:436 wineps.rc:34
msgid "&Landscape"
msgstr "&Landskab"
#: comdlg32.rc:234 comdlg32.rc:409 comdlg32.rc:429 wineps.rc:25
msgid "Paper"
msgstr "Papir"
#: comdlg32.rc:235
msgid "Si&ze"
msgstr "Størrelse"
#: comdlg32.rc:236
msgid "&Source"
msgstr "&Kilde"
#: comdlg32.rc:244 wineconsole.rc:81
msgid "Font"
msgstr "Skrifttyper"
#: comdlg32.rc:247
msgid "&Font:"
msgstr "Skrifttype&navn:"
#: comdlg32.rc:250
msgid "Font St&yle:"
msgstr "&Typografi:"
#: comdlg32.rc:253 comdlg32.rc:430 winecfg.rc:280
msgid "&Size:"
msgstr "&Størrelse:"
#: comdlg32.rc:260
msgid "Effects"
msgstr "Effekter"
#: comdlg32.rc:261
msgid "Stri&keout"
msgstr "&Gennemstreget"
#: comdlg32.rc:262
msgid "&Underline"
msgstr "&Understreget"
#: comdlg32.rc:263 winecfg.rc:278
msgid "&Color:"
msgstr "&Farve:"
#: comdlg32.rc:266
msgid "Sample"
msgstr "Eksempel"
#: comdlg32.rc:268
msgid "Scr&ipt:"
msgstr "Scr&ipt:"
#: comdlg32.rc:276
msgid "Color"
msgstr "Farve"
#: comdlg32.rc:279
msgid "&Basic Colors:"
msgstr "&Grundlæggende farver:"
#: comdlg32.rc:280
msgid "&Custom Colors:"
msgstr "&Selvvalgte farver:"
#: comdlg32.rc:281 comdlg32.rc:304
msgid "Color | Sol&id"
msgstr "&Ensfarvet"
#: comdlg32.rc:282
msgid "&Red:"
msgstr "&Rød:"
#: comdlg32.rc:284
msgid "&Green:"
msgstr "&Grøn:"
#: comdlg32.rc:286
msgid "&Blue:"
msgstr "&Blå:"
#: comdlg32.rc:288
msgid "&Hue:"
msgstr "&Intensitet:"
#: comdlg32.rc:290
msgctxt "Saturation"
msgid "&Sat:"
msgstr "&Farvemætning:"
#: comdlg32.rc:292
msgctxt "Luminance"
msgid "&Lum:"
msgstr "&Lysstyrke:"
#: comdlg32.rc:302
msgid "&Add to Custom Colors"
msgstr "&Tilføj til selvvalgte farver"
#: comdlg32.rc:303
msgid "&Define Custom Colors >>"
msgstr "&Definer selvvalgt farve >>"
#: comdlg32.rc:310 regedit.rc:223 regedit.rc:233
msgid "Find"
msgstr "Find"
#: comdlg32.rc:313 comdlg32.rc:332
msgid "Fi&nd What:"
msgstr "&Find hvad:"
#: comdlg32.rc:315 comdlg32.rc:336
msgid "Match &Whole Word Only"
msgstr "&Kun hele ord"
#: comdlg32.rc:316 comdlg32.rc:337
msgid "Match &Case"
msgstr "Forskel på store/små &bogstaver"
#: comdlg32.rc:317
msgid "Direction"
msgstr "Retning"
#: comdlg32.rc:318 view.rc:39
msgid "&Up"
msgstr "&Op"
#: comdlg32.rc:319 view.rc:40
msgid "&Down"
msgstr "Ne&d"
#: comdlg32.rc:321 comdlg32.rc:339
msgid "&Find Next"
msgstr "&Find næste"
#: comdlg32.rc:329
msgid "Replace"
msgstr "Erstat"
#: comdlg32.rc:334
msgid "Re&place With:"
msgstr "&Erstat med:"
#: comdlg32.rc:340
msgid "&Replace"
msgstr "&Erstat"
#: comdlg32.rc:341
msgid "Replace &All"
msgstr "Erstat &alle"
#: comdlg32.rc:358
msgid "Print to fi&le"
msgstr "Udskriv til fi&l"
#: comdlg32.rc:359 comdlg32.rc:397 ieframe.rc:39 shdoclc.rc:58 shell32.rc:105
#: clock.rc:28 wineconsole.rc:27
msgid "&Properties"
msgstr "&Egenskaber"
#: comdlg32.rc:360 comdlg32.rc:398 msacm32.rc:31 winefile.rc:138
msgid "&Name:"
msgstr "&Navn:"
#: comdlg32.rc:362 comdlg32.rc:400
msgid "Status:"
msgstr "Status:"
#: comdlg32.rc:364 comdlg32.rc:402
msgid "Type:"
msgstr "Type:"
#: comdlg32.rc:366 comdlg32.rc:404
msgid "Where:"
msgstr "Hvor:"
#: comdlg32.rc:368 comdlg32.rc:406
msgid "Comment:"
msgstr "Kommentar:"
#: comdlg32.rc:371
msgid "Copies"
msgstr "Kopier"
#: comdlg32.rc:372
msgid "Number of &copies:"
msgstr "Antal &kopier:"
#: comdlg32.rc:374
msgid "C&ollate"
msgstr "&hold sammen"
#: comdlg32.rc:379
msgid "Pa&ges"
msgstr "Si&der"
#: comdlg32.rc:380
msgid "&Selection"
msgstr "&Markeret"
#: comdlg32.rc:383
msgid "&from:"
msgstr "&fra:"
#: comdlg32.rc:384
msgid "&to:"
msgstr "&til:"
#: comdlg32.rc:410 winecfg.rc:286
msgid "Si&ze:"
msgstr "S&tørrelse:"
#: comdlg32.rc:412
msgid "&Source:"
msgstr "&Kilde:"
#: comdlg32.rc:417
msgid "P&ortrait"
msgstr "P&ortræt"
#: comdlg32.rc:418
msgid "L&andscape"
msgstr "L&andskab"
#: comdlg32.rc:423
msgid "Setup Page"
msgstr "Papir opsætning"
#: comdlg32.rc:432
msgid "&Tray:"
msgstr "&Bakke:"
#: comdlg32.rc:435 wineps.rc:32
msgid "&Portrait"
msgstr "&Portræt"
#: comdlg32.rc:437
msgid "Borders"
msgstr "Kanter"
#: comdlg32.rc:438
msgid "L&eft:"
msgstr "&Venstre:"
#: comdlg32.rc:440 notepad.rc:109
msgid "&Right:"
msgstr "&Højre:"
#: comdlg32.rc:442
msgid "T&op:"
msgstr "T&op:"
#: comdlg32.rc:444 notepad.rc:111
msgid "&Bottom:"
msgstr "&Bund:"
#: comdlg32.rc:448
msgid "P&rinter..."
msgstr "P&rinter..."
#: comdlg32.rc:456
msgid "Look &in:"
msgstr "Kig &i:"
#: comdlg32.rc:462
msgid "File &name:"
msgstr "&Filnavn:"
#: comdlg32.rc:465
msgid "Files of &type:"
msgstr "Fil&type:"
#: comdlg32.rc:468
msgid "Open as &read-only"
msgstr "Åbn som &skrivebeskyttet"
#: comdlg32.rc:470 comdlg32.rc:488 shdoclc.rc:124 shell32.rc:96
msgid "&Open"
msgstr "&Åbn"
#: comdlg32.rc:481
msgid "File name:"
msgstr "&Filnavn:"
#: comdlg32.rc:484
msgid "Files of type:"
msgstr "Filer af type:"
#: comdlg32.rc:29
msgid "File not found"
msgstr "Filen Kunne ikke findes"
#: comdlg32.rc:30
msgid "Please verify that the correct file name was given"
msgstr "Kontroller venligst, at der blev angivet et korrekt filnavn"
#: comdlg32.rc:31
msgid ""
"File does not exist.\n"
"Do you want to create file?"
msgstr ""
"Filen eksisterer ikke.\n"
"Vil du oprette filen?"
#: comdlg32.rc:32
msgid ""
"File already exists.\n"
"Do you want to replace it?"
msgstr ""
"Filen findes allerede.\n"
"Vil du erstatte den?"
#: comdlg32.rc:33
msgid "Invalid character(s) in path"
msgstr "Der er et eller flere Ugyldige tegn i stien"
#: comdlg32.rc:34
msgid ""
"A filename cannot contain any of the following characters:\n"
" / : < > |"
msgstr ""
"Et filnavn må ikke indeholde følgende tegn:\n"
" / : < > |"
#: comdlg32.rc:35
msgid "Path does not exist"
msgstr "Stien eksisterer ikke"
#: comdlg32.rc:36
msgid "File does not exist"
msgstr "Filen eksisterer ikke"
#: comdlg32.rc:41
msgid "Up One Level"
msgstr "Et niveau op"
#: comdlg32.rc:42
msgid "Create New Folder"
msgstr "Opret ny mappe"
#: comdlg32.rc:43
msgid "List"
msgstr "Liste"
#: comdlg32.rc:44 cryptui.rc:193
msgid "Details"
msgstr "Detaljer"
#: comdlg32.rc:45
msgid "Browse to Desktop"
msgstr "Gennemse skrivebordet"
#: comdlg32.rc:109
msgid "Regular"
msgstr "Normal"
#: comdlg32.rc:110
msgid "Bold"
msgstr "Fed"
#: comdlg32.rc:111
msgid "Italic"
msgstr "Kursiv"
#: comdlg32.rc:112
msgid "Bold Italic"
msgstr "Fed Kursiv"
#: comdlg32.rc:117 wordpad.rc:114
msgid "Black"
msgstr "Sort"
#: comdlg32.rc:118 wordpad.rc:115
msgid "Maroon"
msgstr "Mørkerød"
#: comdlg32.rc:119 wordpad.rc:116
msgid "Green"
msgstr "Grøn"
#: comdlg32.rc:120 wordpad.rc:117
msgid "Olive"
msgstr "Oliven"
#: comdlg32.rc:121 wordpad.rc:118
msgid "Navy"
msgstr "Navy"
#: comdlg32.rc:122 wordpad.rc:119
msgid "Purple"
msgstr "Lilla"
#: comdlg32.rc:123 wordpad.rc:120
msgid "Teal"
msgstr "Krikand"
#: comdlg32.rc:124 wordpad.rc:121
msgid "Gray"
msgstr "Grå"
#: comdlg32.rc:125 wordpad.rc:122
msgid "Silver"
msgstr "Sølv"
#: comdlg32.rc:126 wordpad.rc:123
msgid "Red"
msgstr "Rød"
#: comdlg32.rc:127 wordpad.rc:124
msgid "Lime"
msgstr "Lime"
#: comdlg32.rc:128 wordpad.rc:125
msgid "Yellow"
msgstr "Gul"
#: comdlg32.rc:129 wordpad.rc:126
msgid "Blue"
msgstr "Blå"
#: comdlg32.rc:130 wordpad.rc:127
msgid "Fuchsia"
msgstr "Violet"
#: comdlg32.rc:131 wordpad.rc:128
msgid "Aqua"
msgstr "Cyan"
#: comdlg32.rc:132 wordpad.rc:129
msgid "White"
msgstr "Hvid"
#: comdlg32.rc:52
msgid "Unreadable Entry"
msgstr "Ulæselig Post"
#: comdlg32.rc:54
msgid ""
"This value does not lie within the page range.\n"
"Please enter a value between %1!d! and %2!d!."
msgstr ""
"Denne værdi ligger ikke indenfor side antallet.\n"
"Indtast en værdi mellem %1!d! og %2!d!."
#: comdlg32.rc:56
msgid "The 'from' entry cannot exceed the 'to' entry."
msgstr "'fra' kan ikke overstige 'til'."
#: comdlg32.rc:58
msgid ""
"Margins overlap or fall outside Paper boundaries.\n"
"Please reenter margins."
msgstr ""
"Margenen overlapper eller er uden for papirets kanter.\n"
"Genindtast Margin."
#: comdlg32.rc:60
msgid "The 'Number of copies' field cannot be empty."
msgstr "'Antal kopier'-feltet kan ikke være tomt."
#: comdlg32.rc:62
msgid ""
"This large number of copies is not supported by your printer.\n"
"Please enter a value between 1 and %d."
msgstr ""
"Det store antal af kopier er ikke understøttet af din printer.\n"
"Angiv en værdi mellem 1 og %d."
#: comdlg32.rc:63
msgid "A printer error occurred."
msgstr "Der opstod en printer fejl."
#: comdlg32.rc:64
msgid "No default printer defined."
msgstr "Ingen standard printer defineret."
#: comdlg32.rc:65
msgid "Cannot find the printer."
msgstr "Kan ikke finde printeren."
#: comdlg32.rc:66 progman.rc:73
msgid "Out of memory."
msgstr "Ikke mere hukommelse."
#: comdlg32.rc:67
msgid "An error occurred."
msgstr "Der opstod en fejl."
#: comdlg32.rc:68
msgid "Unknown printer driver."
msgstr "Ukendt printer driver."
#: comdlg32.rc:71
msgid ""
"Before you can perform printer-related tasks such as page setup or printing "
"a document, you need to install a printer. Please install one and retry."
msgstr ""
"Før du kan udføre printer-relaterede opgaver, som f.eks. sideopsætning eller "
"udskrivning af dokumenter, skal du installere en printer. Installer venligst "
"en og prøv igen."
#: comdlg32.rc:137
msgid "Select a font size between %1!d! and %2!d! points."
msgstr "Vælg en skriftstørrelse mellem %1!d! og %2!d! punkter."
#: comdlg32.rc:138 ieframe.rc:32
msgid "&Save"
msgstr "&Gem"
#: comdlg32.rc:139
msgid "Save &in:"
msgstr "Gem &i:"
#: comdlg32.rc:140
msgid "Save"
msgstr "Gem"
#: comdlg32.rc:142
msgid "Open File"
msgstr "Åbn fil"
#: comdlg32.rc:79 oleview.rc:95
msgid "Ready"
msgstr "Klar"
#: comdlg32.rc:80
msgid "Paused; "
msgstr "Pauset; "
#: comdlg32.rc:81
msgid "Error; "
msgstr "Fejl; "
#: comdlg32.rc:82
msgid "Pending deletion; "
msgstr "Venter på sletning; "
#: comdlg32.rc:83
msgid "Paper jam; "
msgstr "Papir kludder; "
#: comdlg32.rc:84
msgid "Out of paper; "
msgstr "Ikke mere papir; "
#: comdlg32.rc:85
msgid "Feed paper manual; "
msgstr "Indsæt papir manuelt; "
#: comdlg32.rc:86
msgid "Paper problem; "
msgstr "Papir problem; "
#: comdlg32.rc:87
msgid "Printer offline; "
msgstr "Printer slukket; "
#: comdlg32.rc:88
msgid "I/O Active; "
msgstr "I/O Aktiv; "
#: comdlg32.rc:89
msgid "Busy; "
msgstr "Igang; "
#: comdlg32.rc:90
msgid "Printing; "
msgstr "Udskriver; "
#: comdlg32.rc:91
msgid "Output tray is full; "
msgstr "Udskrivningbakken er fuld; "
#: comdlg32.rc:92
msgid "Not available; "
msgstr "Ikke tilgængelig; "
#: comdlg32.rc:93
msgid "Waiting; "
msgstr "Venter; "
#: comdlg32.rc:94
msgid "Processing; "
msgstr "Tænker; "
#: comdlg32.rc:95
msgid "Initializing; "
msgstr "Klargører; "
#: comdlg32.rc:96
msgid "Warming up; "
msgstr "Varmer op; "
#: comdlg32.rc:97
msgid "Toner low; "
msgstr "Toner næsten tom; "
#: comdlg32.rc:98
msgid "No toner; "
msgstr "Ingen toner; "
#: comdlg32.rc:99
msgid "Page punt; "
msgstr "Side skub; "
#: comdlg32.rc:100
msgid "Interrupted by user; "
msgstr "Stoppet af brugeren; "
#: comdlg32.rc:101
msgid "Out of memory; "
msgstr "Ikke mere hukommelse; "
#: comdlg32.rc:102
msgid "The printer door is open; "
msgstr "Printer låget er åbent; "
#: comdlg32.rc:103
msgid "Print server unknown; "
msgstr "Print server ukendt; "
#: comdlg32.rc:104
msgid "Power save mode; "
msgstr "Energispare mode; "
#: comdlg32.rc:73
msgid "Default Printer; "
msgstr "Standard printer; "
#: comdlg32.rc:74
msgid "There are %d documents in the queue"
msgstr "Der er %d dokumenter in køen"
#: comdlg32.rc:75
msgid "Margins [inches]"
msgstr "Margener [tommer]"
#: comdlg32.rc:76
msgid "Margins [mm]"
msgstr "Margener [mm]"
#: comdlg32.rc:77 sane.rc:33
msgctxt "unit: millimeters"
msgid "mm"
msgstr "mm"
#: credui.rc:42
msgid "&User name:"
msgstr "&Brugernavn:"
#: credui.rc:45 cryptui.rc:394
msgid "&Password:"
msgstr "&Kodeord:"
#: credui.rc:47
msgid "&Remember my password"
msgstr "&Husk mit kodeord"
#: credui.rc:27
msgid "Connect to %s"
msgstr "Tilslut til %s"
#: credui.rc:28
msgid "Connecting to %s"
msgstr "Tilslutter til %s"
#: credui.rc:29
msgid "Logon unsuccessful"
msgstr "Tilslutning fejlede"
#: credui.rc:30
msgid ""
"Make sure that your user name\n"
"and password are correct."
msgstr ""
"Vær sikker på at dit brugernavn\n"
"og kodeord er korrekt."
#: credui.rc:32
msgid ""
"Having Caps Lock on may cause you to enter your password incorrectly.\n"
"Press the Caps Lock key on your keyboard to turn off Caps Lock before\n"
"entering your password."
msgstr ""
"Du har slået Caps Lock til, dette kan være årsagen til at du indtaster "
"kodeordet forkert.\n"
"Tryk på Caps Lock tasten for at slå det fra før du indtaster dit kodeord."
#: credui.rc:31
msgid "Caps Lock is On"
msgstr "Caps Lock er slået til"
#: crypt32.rc:27
msgid "Authority Key Identifier"
msgstr "Autoritet nøgleidentifikator"
#: crypt32.rc:28
msgid "Key Attributes"
msgstr "Nøgle attributter"
#: crypt32.rc:29
msgid "Key Usage Restriction"
msgstr "Nøgle anvendelsesbegrænsning"
#: crypt32.rc:30
msgid "Subject Alternative Name"
msgstr "Emne alternativt navn"
#: crypt32.rc:31
msgid "Issuer Alternative Name"
msgstr "Udsteder alternativt navn"
#: crypt32.rc:32
msgid "Basic Constraints"
msgstr "Grundlæggende begrænsninger"
#: crypt32.rc:33
msgid "Key Usage"
msgstr "Nøgle brug"
#: crypt32.rc:34
msgid "Certificate Policies"
msgstr "Certifikatpolitikker"
#: crypt32.rc:35
msgid "Subject Key Identifier"
msgstr "Emne nøgle identificering"
#: crypt32.rc:36
msgid "CRL Reason Code"
msgstr "CRL årsagskode"
#: crypt32.rc:37
msgid "CRL Distribution Points"
msgstr "CRL distributions punkter"
#: crypt32.rc:38
msgid "Enhanced Key Usage"
msgstr "Forbedret nøgle brug"
#: crypt32.rc:39
msgid "Authority Information Access"
msgstr "Autoritets informations adgang"
#: crypt32.rc:40
msgid "Certificate Extensions"
msgstr "Certifikatudvidelser"
#: crypt32.rc:41
msgid "Next Update Location"
msgstr "Næste opdateringsplacering"
#: crypt32.rc:42
msgid "Yes or No Trust"
msgstr "Ja eller Nej tillid"
#: crypt32.rc:43
msgid "Email Address"
msgstr "E-mail adresse"
#: crypt32.rc:44
msgid "Unstructured Name"
msgstr "Ustruktureret navn"
#: crypt32.rc:45
msgid "Content Type"
msgstr "Indholdstype"
#: crypt32.rc:46
msgid "Message Digest"
msgstr "Besked kontrolsum"
#: crypt32.rc:47
msgid "Signing Time"
msgstr "Underskrifts tidspunkt"
#: crypt32.rc:48
msgid "Counter Sign"
msgstr "Bekræftelsesunderskrift"
#: crypt32.rc:49
msgid "Challenge Password"
msgstr "Udfordrings kodeord"
#: crypt32.rc:50
msgid "Unstructured Address"
msgstr "Ustruktureret adresse"
#: crypt32.rc:51
msgid "S/MIME Capabilities"
msgstr "S/MIME muligheder"
#: crypt32.rc:52
msgid "Prefer Signed Data"
msgstr "Foretræk signeret data"
#: crypt32.rc:53 cryptdlg.rc:31
msgctxt "Certification Practice Statement"
msgid "CPS"
msgstr "CPS"
#: crypt32.rc:54 cryptdlg.rc:32
msgid "User Notice"
msgstr "Brugermeddelelse"
#: crypt32.rc:55
msgid "On-line Certificate Status Protocol"
msgstr "Online certifikat status protokol"
#: crypt32.rc:56
msgid "Certification Authority Issuer"
msgstr "Certificerings autoritets udsteder"
#: crypt32.rc:57
msgid "Certification Template Name"
msgstr "Certificerings skabelon navn"
#: crypt32.rc:58
msgid "Certificate Type"
msgstr "Certifikat type"
#: crypt32.rc:59
msgid "Certificate Manifold"
msgstr "Certifikat manifold"
#: crypt32.rc:60
msgid "Netscape Cert Type"
msgstr "Netscape cert type"
#: crypt32.rc:61
msgid "Netscape Base URL"
msgstr "Netscape grund URL"
#: crypt32.rc:62
msgid "Netscape Revocation URL"
msgstr "Netscape tilbagekaldelses URL"
#: crypt32.rc:63
msgid "Netscape CA Revocation URL"
msgstr "Netscape CA tilbagekaldelses URL"
#: crypt32.rc:64
msgid "Netscape Cert Renewal URL"
msgstr "Netscape Cert fornyelses URL"
#: crypt32.rc:65
msgid "Netscape CA Policy URL"
msgstr "Netscape CA politik URL"
#: crypt32.rc:66
msgid "Netscape SSL ServerName"
msgstr "Netscape SSL værtsnavn"
#: crypt32.rc:67
msgid "Netscape Comment"
msgstr "Netscape bemærkning"
#: crypt32.rc:68
msgid "Country/Region"
msgstr "Land/område"
#: crypt32.rc:69
msgid "Organization"
msgstr "Organisation"
#: crypt32.rc:70
msgid "Organizational Unit"
msgstr "Organisational enhed"
#: crypt32.rc:71
msgid "Common Name"
msgstr "Almindelig navn"
#: crypt32.rc:72
msgid "Locality"
msgstr "Lokalitet"
#: crypt32.rc:73
msgid "State or Province"
msgstr "Stat eller provins"
#: crypt32.rc:74
msgid "Title"
msgstr "Titel"
#: crypt32.rc:75
msgid "Given Name"
msgstr "Givet navn"
#: crypt32.rc:76
msgid "Initials"
msgstr "Initialer"
#: crypt32.rc:77
msgid "Surname"
msgstr "Efternavn"
#: crypt32.rc:78
msgid "Domain Component"
msgstr "Domæne komponent"
#: crypt32.rc:79
msgid "Street Address"
msgstr "Vejadresse"
#: crypt32.rc:80
msgid "Serial Number"
msgstr "Serienummer"
#: crypt32.rc:81
msgid "CA Version"
msgstr "CA version"
#: crypt32.rc:82
msgid "Cross CA Version"
msgstr "Kryds CA version"
#: crypt32.rc:83
msgid "Serialized Signature Serial Number"
msgstr "Serialiseret signatur serie nummer"
#: crypt32.rc:84
msgid "Principal Name"
msgstr "Hovednavn"
#: crypt32.rc:85
msgid "Windows Product Update"
msgstr "Windows produkt opdatering"
#: crypt32.rc:86
msgid "Enrollment Name Value Pair"
msgstr "Indskrivningsnavn værdi par"
#: crypt32.rc:87
msgid "OS Version"
msgstr "Styresystemsversion"
#: crypt32.rc:88
msgid "Enrollment CSP"
msgstr "Indskrivnings CSP"
#: crypt32.rc:89
msgid "CRL Number"
msgstr "CRL nummer"
#: crypt32.rc:90
msgid "Delta CRL Indicator"
msgstr "Delta CRL indikator"
#: crypt32.rc:91
msgid "Issuing Distribution Point"
msgstr "Udstedende distributions punkt"
#: crypt32.rc:92
msgid "Freshest CRL"
msgstr "Nyeste CRL"
#: crypt32.rc:93
msgid "Name Constraints"
msgstr "Navnebegrænsninger"
#: crypt32.rc:94
msgid "Policy Mappings"
msgstr "Politik tilknytninger"
#: crypt32.rc:95
msgid "Policy Constraints"
msgstr "Politik begrænsninger"
#: crypt32.rc:96
msgid "Cross-Certificate Distribution Points"
msgstr "Krydscertifikat fordelingspoint"
#: crypt32.rc:97
msgid "Application Policies"
msgstr "Applikation politikker"
#: crypt32.rc:98
msgid "Application Policy Mappings"
msgstr "Applikation politik tilknytninger"
#: crypt32.rc:99
msgid "Application Policy Constraints"
msgstr "Applikation politik begrænsninger"
#: crypt32.rc:100
msgid "CMC Data"
msgstr "CMC data"
#: crypt32.rc:101
msgid "CMC Response"
msgstr "CMC svar"
#: crypt32.rc:102
msgid "Unsigned CMC Request"
msgstr "Usigneret CMC forespørgelse"
#: crypt32.rc:103
msgid "CMC Status Info"
msgstr "CMC status info"
#: crypt32.rc:104
msgid "CMC Extensions"
msgstr "CMC udvidelser"
#: crypt32.rc:105
msgid "CMC Attributes"
msgstr "CMC attributter"
#: crypt32.rc:106
msgid "PKCS 7 Data"
msgstr "PKCS 7 data"
#: crypt32.rc:107
msgid "PKCS 7 Signed"
msgstr "PKCS 7 signeret"
#: crypt32.rc:108
msgid "PKCS 7 Enveloped"
msgstr "PKCS 7 indpakket"
#: crypt32.rc:109
msgid "PKCS 7 Signed Enveloped"
msgstr "PKCS 7 signeret indpakning"
#: crypt32.rc:110
msgid "PKCS 7 Digested"
msgstr "PKCS 7 kontrolleret"
#: crypt32.rc:111
msgid "PKCS 7 Encrypted"
msgstr "PKCS 7 kodet"
#: crypt32.rc:112
msgid "Previous CA Certificate Hash"
msgstr "Tidligere CA certifikat kontrolsum"
#: crypt32.rc:113
msgid "Virtual Base CRL Number"
msgstr "Virtuel base CRL nummer"
#: crypt32.rc:114
msgid "Next CRL Publish"
msgstr "Næste CRL udgivelse"
#: crypt32.rc:115
msgid "CA Encryption Certificate"
msgstr "CA krypterings certifikat"
#: crypt32.rc:116 cryptui.rc:145
msgid "Key Recovery Agent"
msgstr "Nøgle rednings agent"
#: crypt32.rc:117
msgid "Certificate Template Information"
msgstr "Certifikat skabelon information"
#: crypt32.rc:118
msgid "Enterprise Root OID"
msgstr "Virksomheds rod OID"
#: crypt32.rc:119
msgid "Dummy Signer"
msgstr "Dummy underskriver"
#: crypt32.rc:120
msgid "Encrypted Private Key"
msgstr "Krypteret privatnøgle"
#: crypt32.rc:121
msgid "Published CRL Locations"
msgstr "Oplyste CRL steder"
#: crypt32.rc:122
msgid "Enforce Certificate Chain Policy"
msgstr "Kræv certifikat kæde politik"
#: crypt32.rc:123
msgid "Transaction Id"
msgstr "Transaktionsid"
#: crypt32.rc:124
msgid "Sender Nonce"
msgstr "Afsender engangskodeord"
#: crypt32.rc:125
msgid "Recipient Nonce"
msgstr "Modtager engangskodeord"
#: crypt32.rc:126
msgid "Reg Info"
msgstr "Reg info"
#: crypt32.rc:127
msgid "Get Certificate"
msgstr "Hent certifikat"
#: crypt32.rc:128
msgid "Get CRL"
msgstr "Hent CRL"
#: crypt32.rc:129
msgid "Revoke Request"
msgstr "Tilbagekaldelses forespørgelse"
#: crypt32.rc:130
msgid "Query Pending"
msgstr "Forespørgelse venter"
#: crypt32.rc:131 cryptui.rc:92
msgid "Certificate Trust List"
msgstr "Certifikat tillidsliste"
#: crypt32.rc:132
msgid "Archived Key Certificate Hash"
msgstr "Arkiveret nøgle certifikat kontrolsum"
#: crypt32.rc:133
msgid "Private Key Usage Period"
msgstr "Privat nøgle brugsperiode"
#: crypt32.rc:134
msgid "Client Information"
msgstr "Klientinformation"
#: crypt32.rc:135
msgid "Server Authentication"
msgstr "Server autenfisering"
#: crypt32.rc:136
msgid "Client Authentication"
msgstr "Klient autenfisering"
#: crypt32.rc:137
msgid "Code Signing"
msgstr "Kode signering"
#: crypt32.rc:138
msgid "Secure Email"
msgstr "Sikker e-mail"
#: crypt32.rc:139
msgid "Time Stamping"
msgstr "Tidsstempling"
#: crypt32.rc:140
msgid "Microsoft Trust List Signing"
msgstr "Microsoft tillids liste signering"
#: crypt32.rc:141
msgid "Microsoft Time Stamping"
msgstr "Microsoft tidsstempling"
#: crypt32.rc:142
msgid "IP security end system"
msgstr "IP sikkerheds slutsystem"
#: crypt32.rc:143
msgid "IP security tunnel termination"
msgstr "IP sikkerheds tunnel terminering"
#: crypt32.rc:144
msgid "IP security user"
msgstr "IP sikkerheds bruger"
#: crypt32.rc:145
msgid "Encrypting File System"
msgstr "Krypteret filsystem"
#: crypt32.rc:146 cryptui.rc:130
msgid "Windows Hardware Driver Verification"
msgstr "Windows hardware driver verificering"
#: crypt32.rc:147 cryptui.rc:131
msgid "Windows System Component Verification"
msgstr "Windwos system komponent verifikation"
#: crypt32.rc:148 cryptui.rc:132
msgid "OEM Windows System Component Verification"
msgstr "OEM Windows system komponent verifikation"
#: crypt32.rc:149 cryptui.rc:133
msgid "Embedded Windows System Component Verification"
msgstr "Indlejret windows system komponent verifikation"
#: crypt32.rc:150 cryptui.rc:140
msgid "Key Pack Licenses"
msgstr "Nøgle pakke licens"
#: crypt32.rc:151 cryptui.rc:141
msgid "License Server Verification"
msgstr "Licens server verifikation"
#: crypt32.rc:152 cryptui.rc:143
msgid "Smart Card Logon"
msgstr "Smart card login"
#: crypt32.rc:153 cryptui.rc:139
msgid "Digital Rights"
msgstr "Digitale rettigheder"
#: crypt32.rc:154 cryptui.rc:135
msgid "Qualified Subordination"
msgstr "Kvalificeret underenhed"
#: crypt32.rc:155 cryptui.rc:136
msgid "Key Recovery"
msgstr "Nøgle genskabelse"
#: crypt32.rc:156 cryptui.rc:137
msgid "Document Signing"
msgstr "Dokument underskriver"
#: crypt32.rc:157
msgid "IP security IKE intermediate"
msgstr "IP sikkerhed IKE mægler"
#: crypt32.rc:158 cryptui.rc:129
msgid "File Recovery"
msgstr "Fil genoprettelse"
#: crypt32.rc:159 cryptui.rc:134
msgid "Root List Signer"
msgstr "Hoved liste underskriver"
#: crypt32.rc:160
msgid "All application policies"
msgstr "Alle applikations politikker"
#: crypt32.rc:161 cryptui.rc:146
msgid "Directory Service Email Replication"
msgstr "Opslag service email replikering"
#: crypt32.rc:162 cryptui.rc:142
msgid "Certificate Request Agent"
msgstr "Certifikat forespørger agent"
#: crypt32.rc:163 cryptui.rc:138
msgid "Lifetime Signing"
msgstr "Livstid underskrift"
#: crypt32.rc:164
msgid "All issuance policies"
msgstr "Alle udstedelses politikker"
#: crypt32.rc:169
msgid "Trusted Root Certification Authorities"
msgstr "Troværdige rodcertifikat autoriteter"
#: crypt32.rc:170
msgid "Personal"
msgstr "Personlig"
#: crypt32.rc:171
msgid "Intermediate Certification Authorities"
msgstr "Mellemliggende certifikation myndigheder"
#: crypt32.rc:172
msgid "Other People"
msgstr "Andre folk"
#: crypt32.rc:173
msgid "Trusted Publishers"
msgstr "Troværdige udgivere"
#: crypt32.rc:174
msgid "Untrusted Certificates"
msgstr "Utroværdige certifikater"
#: crypt32.rc:179
msgid "KeyID="
msgstr "Nøgle ID="
#: crypt32.rc:180
msgid "Certificate Issuer"
msgstr "Certifikat udsteder"
#: crypt32.rc:181
msgid "Certificate Serial Number="
msgstr "Certifikat serienummer="
#: crypt32.rc:182
msgid "Other Name="
msgstr "Andet navn="
#: crypt32.rc:183
msgid "Email Address="
msgstr "E-mail adresse="
#: crypt32.rc:184
msgid "DNS Name="
msgstr "DNS navn="
#: crypt32.rc:185
msgid "Directory Address"
msgstr "Katalogadresse"
#: crypt32.rc:186
msgid "URL="
msgstr "URL="
#: crypt32.rc:187
msgid "IP Address="
msgstr "IP adresse="
#: crypt32.rc:188
msgid "Mask="
msgstr "Maske="
#: crypt32.rc:189
msgid "Registered ID="
msgstr "Registreret ID="
#: crypt32.rc:190
msgid "Unknown Key Usage"
msgstr "Ukendt nøgle brug"
#: crypt32.rc:191
msgid "Subject Type="
msgstr "Emne type="
#: crypt32.rc:192
msgctxt "Certificate Authority"
msgid "CA"
msgstr "CA"
#: crypt32.rc:193
msgid "End Entity"
msgstr "Slutenhed"
#: crypt32.rc:194
msgid "Path Length Constraint="
msgstr "Stilængde begrænsning="
#: crypt32.rc:195
msgctxt "path length"
msgid "None"
msgstr "Ingen"
#: crypt32.rc:196
msgid "Information Not Available"
msgstr "Information ikke tilgængelig"
#: crypt32.rc:197
msgid "Authority Info Access"
msgstr "Myndighed info adgang"
#: crypt32.rc:198
msgid "Access Method="
msgstr "Adgangsmetode="
#: crypt32.rc:199
msgctxt "Online Certificate Status Protocol"
msgid "OCSP"
msgstr "OCSP"
#: crypt32.rc:200
msgid "CA Issuers"
msgstr "CA udstedere"
#: crypt32.rc:201
msgid "Unknown Access Method"
msgstr "Ukendt adgangsmetode"
#: crypt32.rc:202
msgid "Alternative Name"
msgstr "Alternativ navn"
#: crypt32.rc:203
msgid "CRL Distribution Point"
msgstr "CRL distributions punkt"
#: crypt32.rc:204
msgid "Distribution Point Name"
msgstr "Distribution punkt navn"
#: crypt32.rc:205
msgid "Full Name"
msgstr "Fulde navn"
#: crypt32.rc:206
msgid "RDN Name"
msgstr "RDN navn"
#: crypt32.rc:207
msgid "CRL Reason="
msgstr "CRL grund="
#: crypt32.rc:208
msgid "CRL Issuer"
msgstr "CRL udsteder"
#: crypt32.rc:209
msgid "Key Compromise"
msgstr "Nøgle kompromiteret"
#: crypt32.rc:210
msgid "CA Compromise"
msgstr "CA kompromiteret"
#: crypt32.rc:211
msgid "Affiliation Changed"
msgstr "Tilknytning ændring"
#: crypt32.rc:212
msgid "Superseded"
msgstr "Afløst"
#: crypt32.rc:213
msgid "Operation Ceased"
msgstr "Operation ophørt"
#: crypt32.rc:214
msgid "Certificate Hold"
msgstr "Certifikat hold"
#: crypt32.rc:215
msgid "Financial Information="
msgstr "Finansielle informationer="
#: crypt32.rc:216 taskmgr.rc:397
msgid "Available"
msgstr "Tilgængelig"
#: crypt32.rc:217
msgid "Not Available"
msgstr "Ikke tilgængelig"
#: crypt32.rc:218
msgid "Meets Criteria="
msgstr "Møder kriterier="
#: crypt32.rc:219 cryptui.rc:163 oleaut32.rc:29 wininet.rc:80 ipconfig.rc:44
msgid "Yes"
msgstr "Ja"
#: crypt32.rc:220 cryptui.rc:164 oleaut32.rc:30 wininet.rc:81 ipconfig.rc:45
msgid "No"
msgstr "Nej"
#: crypt32.rc:221
msgid "Digital Signature"
msgstr "Digital signatur"
#: crypt32.rc:222
msgid "Non-Repudiation"
msgstr "Uafviselig"
#: crypt32.rc:223
msgid "Key Encipherment"
msgstr "Nøgle indkodning"
#: crypt32.rc:224
msgid "Data Encipherment"
msgstr "Data indkodning"
#: crypt32.rc:225
msgid "Key Agreement"
msgstr "Nøgle aftale"
#: crypt32.rc:226
msgid "Certificate Signing"
msgstr "Certifikat underskrift"
#: crypt32.rc:227
msgid "Off-line CRL Signing"
msgstr "Offline CRL underskrift"
#: crypt32.rc:228
msgid "CRL Signing"
msgstr "CRL underskrift"
#: crypt32.rc:229
msgid "Encipher Only"
msgstr "Kun krypter"
#: crypt32.rc:230
msgid "Decipher Only"
msgstr "Kun dekrypter"
#: crypt32.rc:231
msgid "SSL Client Authentication"
msgstr "SSL klient authentificering"
#: crypt32.rc:232
msgid "SSL Server Authentication"
msgstr "SSL server authentificering"
#: crypt32.rc:233
msgid "S/MIME"
msgstr "S/MIME"
#: crypt32.rc:234
msgid "Signature"
msgstr "Signatur"
#: crypt32.rc:235
msgid "SSL CA"
msgstr "SSL CA"
#: crypt32.rc:236
msgid "S/MIME CA"
msgstr "S/MIME CA"
#: crypt32.rc:237
msgid "Signature CA"
msgstr "Signatur CA"
#: cryptdlg.rc:27
msgid "Certificate Policy"
msgstr "Certifikatpolitik"
#: cryptdlg.rc:28
msgid "Policy Identifier: "
msgstr "Politik identifikation: "
#: cryptdlg.rc:29
msgid "Policy Qualifier Info"
msgstr "Politik kvalificering info"
#: cryptdlg.rc:30
msgid "Policy Qualifier Id="
msgstr "Politik kvalificering id="
#: cryptdlg.rc:33
msgid "Qualifier"
msgstr "Kvalifikator"
#: cryptdlg.rc:34
msgid "Notice Reference"
msgstr "Notits reference"
#: cryptdlg.rc:35
msgid "Organization="
msgstr "Organisation="
#: cryptdlg.rc:36
msgid "Notice Number="
msgstr "Notits nummer="
#: cryptdlg.rc:37
msgid "Notice Text="
msgstr "Notits tekst="
#: cryptui.rc:177 cryptui.rc:232 inetcpl.rc:43
msgid "General"
msgstr "Generel fejl"
#: cryptui.rc:188
msgid "&Install Certificate..."
msgstr "&Installer certifikat..."
#: cryptui.rc:189
msgid "Issuer &Statement"
msgstr "Udstedererklæring"
#: cryptui.rc:197
msgid "&Show:"
msgstr "Vi&s:"
#: cryptui.rc:202
msgid "&Edit Properties..."
msgstr "R&ediger egenskaber..."
#: cryptui.rc:203
msgid "&Copy to File..."
msgstr "&Kopier til fil..."
#: cryptui.rc:207
msgid "Certification Path"
msgstr "Certificeringssti"
#: cryptui.rc:211
msgid "Certification path"
msgstr "Certificeringssti"
#: cryptui.rc:214
msgid "&View Certificate"
msgstr "&Vis certifikat"
#: cryptui.rc:215
msgid "Certificate &status:"
msgstr "Certifikat &status:"
#: cryptui.rc:221
msgid "Disclaimer"
msgstr "Ansvarsfraskrivelse"
#: cryptui.rc:228
msgid "More &Info"
msgstr "Mere &info"
#: cryptui.rc:236
msgid "&Friendly name:"
msgstr "&Venlig navn:"
#: cryptui.rc:238 progman.rc:151 progman.rc:167
msgid "&Description:"
msgstr "&Beskrivelse:"
#: cryptui.rc:240
msgid "Certificate purposes"
msgstr "Certifikatformål"
#: cryptui.rc:241
msgid "&Enable all purposes for this certificate"
msgstr "Aktiv&er alle formål for dette certifikat"
#: cryptui.rc:243
msgid "D&isable all purposes for this certificate"
msgstr "Deakt&iver alle formål for dette certifikat"
#: cryptui.rc:245
msgid "Enable &only the following purposes for this certificate:"
msgstr "Aktiver kun følgende formål for dette certifikat:"
#: cryptui.rc:250
msgid "Add &Purpose..."
msgstr "Tilføj &formål..."
#: cryptui.rc:254
msgid "Add Purpose"
msgstr "Tilføj formål"
#: cryptui.rc:257
msgid ""
"Add the object identifier (OID) for the certificate purpose you wish to add:"
msgstr ""
"Tilføj objekt identifikator (OID) for det cerifikat formål du ønsker at "
#: cryptui.rc:265 cryptui.rc:66
msgid "Select Certificate Store"
msgstr "Vælg certifikatlager"
#: cryptui.rc:268
msgid "Select the certificate store you want to use:"
msgstr "Vælg det certifikatlager du vil bruge:"
#: cryptui.rc:271
msgid "&Show physical stores"
msgstr "&Vis fysiske lagre"
#: cryptui.rc:277 cryptui.rc:288 cryptui.rc:305 cryptui.rc:319 cryptui.rc:68
msgid "Certificate Import Wizard"
msgstr "Certifikatimporteringsguide"
#: cryptui.rc:280
msgid "Welcome to the Certificate Import Wizard"
msgstr "Velkommen til certifikat importeringsguiden"
#: cryptui.rc:283
msgid ""
"This wizard helps you import certificates, certificate revocation lists, and "
"certificate trust lists from a file to a certificate store.\n"
"A certificate can be used to identify you or the computer with which you are "
"communicating. It can also be used for authentication, and to sign messages. "
"Certificate stores are collections of certificates, certificate revocation "
"lists, and certificate trust lists.\n"
"To continue, click Next."
msgstr ""
"Denne guide hjælper dig importere certifikater, certifikat "
"tilbagekaldelseslister og certifikat troværdighedslister fra en fil, til et "
"Et certifikat kan bruges til at identificere dig eller den computer, som du "
"kommunikerer med. Det kan også bruges til godkendelse og til at underskrive "
"beskeder. Certifikatlagre er samlinger af certifikater, certifikat "
"tilbagekaldelseslister og certifikat troværdighedslister.\n"
"For at fortsætte, klik næste."
#: cryptui.rc:291 cryptui.rc:427
msgid "&File name:"
msgstr "&Filnavn:"
#: cryptui.rc:293 cryptui.rc:315 cryptui.rc:429 winecfg.rc:295
msgid "B&rowse..."
msgstr "&Gennemse..."
#: cryptui.rc:294
msgid ""
"Note: The following file formats may contain more than one certificate, "
"certificate revocation list, or certificate trust list:"
msgstr ""
"Bemærk: De følgende fil formater kan indeholde mere end et certifikat, en "
"certifikat tilbagekaldelsesliste eller en certifikat troværdighedsliste:"
#: cryptui.rc:296
msgid "Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard/PKCS #7 Messages (*.p7b)"
msgstr "Kryptografisk meddelelses syntaks standard/PKCS #7 meddelelse (*.p7b)"
#: cryptui.rc:298
msgid "Personal Information Exchange/PKCS #12 (*.pfx; *.p12)"
msgstr "Personlig information udveksling/PKCS #12 (*.pfx; *.p12)"
#: cryptui.rc:300 cryptui.rc:78 cryptui.rc:159
msgid "Microsoft Serialized Certificate Store (*.sst)"
msgstr "Microsoft serialiseret certifikat lager (*.sst)"
#: cryptui.rc:308
msgid ""
"Wine can automatically select the certificate store, or you can specify a "
"location for the certificates."
msgstr ""
"Wine kan automatisk vælge certifikatlageret eller du kan selv angive en "
"placering for certifikaterne."
#: cryptui.rc:310
msgid "&Automatically select certificate store"
msgstr "&Automatisk vælg certifikatlager"
#: cryptui.rc:312
msgid "&Place all certificates in the following store:"
msgstr "&Placer alle certifikater i følgende lager:"
#: cryptui.rc:322
msgid "Completing the Certificate Import Wizard"
msgstr "Færdiggør certifikat importeringsguiden"
#: cryptui.rc:324
msgid "You have successfully completed the Certificate Import Wizard."
msgstr "Du har med succes fuldført certifikat importeringsguiden."
#: cryptui.rc:326 cryptui.rc:440
msgid "You have specified the following settings:"
msgstr "Du har specificeret følgende egenskaber:"
#: cryptui.rc:334 cryptui.rc:119 inetcpl.rc:108
msgid "Certificates"
msgstr "Certifikater"
#: cryptui.rc:337
msgid "I&ntended purpose:"
msgstr "&Bestemt formål:"
#: cryptui.rc:341
msgid "&Import..."
msgstr "&Importer..."
#: cryptui.rc:342 regedit.rc:109
msgid "&Export..."
msgstr "&Eksporter..."
#: cryptui.rc:344
msgid "&Advanced..."
msgstr "&Avanceret..."
#: cryptui.rc:345
msgid "Certificate intended purposes"
msgstr "Certifikat forventede brug"
#: cryptui.rc:347 ieframe.rc:42 shell32.rc:40 shell32.rc:117 oleview.rc:56
#: oleview.rc:58 oleview.rc:82 regedit.rc:63 taskmgr.rc:52 winefile.rc:45
#: wordpad.rc:66
msgid "&View"
msgstr "&Vis"
#: cryptui.rc:352
msgid "Advanced Options"
msgstr "Avancerede indstillinger"
#: cryptui.rc:355
msgid "Certificate purpose"
msgstr "Certifikatformål"
#: cryptui.rc:356
msgid ""
"Select one or more purposes to be listed when Advanced Purposes is selected."
msgstr ""
"Vælg et eller flere formål til at blive opført når Avancerede Formål er "
#: cryptui.rc:358
msgid "&Certificate purposes:"
msgstr "&Certifikatformål:"
#: cryptui.rc:367 cryptui.rc:378 cryptui.rc:391 cryptui.rc:401 cryptui.rc:424
#: cryptui.rc:433 cryptui.rc:147
msgid "Certificate Export Wizard"
msgstr "Certifikat eksporteringsguide"
#: cryptui.rc:370
msgid "Welcome to the Certificate Export Wizard"
msgstr "Velkommen til certifikat eksporteringsguide"
#: cryptui.rc:373
msgid ""
"This wizard helps you export certificates, certificate revocation lists, and "
"certificate trust lists from a certificate store to a file.\n"
"A certificate can be used to identify you or the computer with which you are "
"communicating. It can also be used for authentication, and to sign messages. "
"Certificate stores are collections of certificates, certificate revocation "
"lists, and certificate trust lists.\n"
"To continue, click Next."
msgstr ""
"Denne guide hjælper dig med at eksportere certifikater, certifikat "
"tilbagekaldelseslister og certifikat troværdighedslister fra et "
"certifikatlager til en fil.\n"
"Et certifikat kan blive brugt til at identificere dig eller den computer, "
"som du kommunikerer med. Det kan også bruges til godkendelse og til at "
"underskrive beskeder. Certifikatlagre er samlinger af certifikater, "
"certifikat tilbagekaldelseslister og certifikat troværdighedslister.\n"
"For at fortsætte, klik næste."
#: cryptui.rc:381
msgid ""
"If you choose to export the private key, you will be prompted for a password "
"to protect the private key on a later page."
msgstr ""
"Hvis du vælger at eksportere privatnøglen, vil du blive spurgt om et kodeord "
"for at beskytte privatnøglen på en senere side."
#: cryptui.rc:382
msgid "Do you wish to export the private key?"
msgstr "Ønsker du at eksportere privatnøglen?"
#: cryptui.rc:383
msgid "&Yes, export the private key"
msgstr "&Ja, eksporter privatnøglen"
#: cryptui.rc:385
msgid "N&o, do not export the private key"
msgstr "&Nej, eksporter ikke privatnøglen"
#: cryptui.rc:396
msgid "&Confirm password:"
msgstr "&Bekræft kodeord:"
#: cryptui.rc:404
msgid "Select the format you want to use:"
msgstr "Vælg det format do vil bruge:"
#: cryptui.rc:405
msgid "&DER-encoded X.509 (*.cer)"
msgstr "&DER-kodet X.509 (*.cer)"
#: cryptui.rc:407
msgid "Ba&se64-encoded X.509 (*.cer):"
msgstr "Ba&se64 kodet X.509 (*.cer):"
#: cryptui.rc:409
msgid "&Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard/PKCS #7 Message (*.p7b)"
msgstr "Kryptografisk meddelelse syntaks standard/PKCS #7 meddelelse (*.p7b)"
#: cryptui.rc:411
msgid "&Include all certificates in the certification path if possible"
msgstr "&Inkluder alle certifikater i certifikationstien, hvis muligt"
#: cryptui.rc:413
msgid "&Personal Information Exchange/PKCS #12 (*.pfx)"
msgstr "&Personlig information udveksling/PKCS #12 (*.pfx)"
#: cryptui.rc:415
msgid "Incl&ude all certificates in the certification path if possible"
msgstr "Inkluder alle certifikater i certifikat stilisten hvis muligt"
#: cryptui.rc:417
msgid "&Enable strong encryption"
msgstr "&Aktiver stærk kyptering"
#: cryptui.rc:419
msgid "Delete the private &key if the export is successful"
msgstr "Slet privat&nøglen, hvis eksporteringen er vellykket"
#: cryptui.rc:436
msgid "Completing the Certificate Export Wizard"
msgstr "Færdiggører certifikat eksporteringsguiden"
#: cryptui.rc:438
msgid "You have successfully completed the Certificate Export Wizard."
msgstr "Du har med success færdiggjort certifikat eksporteringsguiden."
#: cryptui.rc:27 cryptui.rc:90
msgid "Certificate"
msgstr "Certifikat"
#: cryptui.rc:28
msgid "Certificate Information"
msgstr "Certifikat information"
#: cryptui.rc:29
msgid ""
"This certificate has an invalid signature. The certificate may have been "
"altered or corrupted."
msgstr ""
"Dette certifikat har en ugyldig signatur. Certifikatet kan have være ændret "
"eller beskadiget."
#: cryptui.rc:30
msgid ""
"This root certificate is not trusted. To trust it, add it to your system's "
"trusted root certificate store."
msgstr ""
"Dette rodcertifikat er ikke troværdigt. For at have tillid til det, skal du "
"tilføje det til dit systems troværdige rodcertifikatlager."
#: cryptui.rc:31
msgid "This certificate could not be validated to a trusted root certificate."
msgstr "Dette certifikat kunne ikke valideres til et troværdigt rodcertifikat."
#: cryptui.rc:32
msgid "This certificate's issuer could not be found."
msgstr "Dette certifikats udsteder kunne ikke findes."
#: cryptui.rc:33
msgid "All the intended purposes of this certificate could not be verified."
msgstr "Alle de bestemte formål af dette certifikat kunne ikke verificeres."
#: cryptui.rc:34
msgid "This certificate is intended for the following purposes:"
msgstr "Dette certifikat er bestemt for følgende formål:"
#: cryptui.rc:35
msgid "Issued to: "
msgstr "Udstedt til: "
#: cryptui.rc:36
msgid "Issued by: "
msgstr "Udstedt af: "
#: cryptui.rc:37
msgid "Valid from "
msgstr "Gyldig fra "
#: cryptui.rc:38
msgid " to "
msgstr " til "
#: cryptui.rc:39
msgid "This certificate has an invalid signature."
msgstr "Dette certifikat har et ugyldigt signatur."
#: cryptui.rc:40
msgid "This certificate has expired or is not yet valid."
msgstr "Dette certifikat er udløbet eller er endnu ikke gyldigt."
#: cryptui.rc:41
msgid "This certificate's validity period exceeds that of its issuer."
msgstr "Dette certifikats gyldighedsperiode er længere end udsteders periode."
#: cryptui.rc:42
msgid "This certificate was revoked by its issuer."
msgstr "Dette certifikat er tilbagekaldt af dets udsteder."
#: cryptui.rc:43
msgid "This certificate is OK."
msgstr "Dette certifikat er OK."
#: cryptui.rc:44
msgid "Field"
msgstr "Felt"
#: cryptui.rc:45
msgid "Value"
msgstr "Værdi"
#: cryptui.rc:46 cryptui.rc:99 cryptui.rc:105
msgid "<All>"
msgstr "<Alle>"
#: cryptui.rc:47
msgid "Version 1 Fields Only"
msgstr "Version 1 Kun felter"
#: cryptui.rc:48
msgid "Extensions Only"
msgstr "Kun udvidelser"
#: cryptui.rc:49
msgid "Critical Extensions Only"
msgstr "Kun kritiske udvidelser"
#: cryptui.rc:50
msgid "Properties Only"
msgstr "Kun egenskaber"
#: cryptui.rc:52
msgid "Serial number"
msgstr "Serienummer"
#: cryptui.rc:53
msgid "Issuer"
msgstr "Udsteder"
#: cryptui.rc:54
msgid "Valid from"
msgstr "Gyldig fra"
#: cryptui.rc:55
msgid "Valid to"
msgstr "Gyldig til"
#: cryptui.rc:56
msgid "Subject"
msgstr "Emne"
#: cryptui.rc:57
msgid "Public key"
msgstr "Offentlig nøgle"
#: cryptui.rc:58
msgid "%1 (%2!d! bits)"
msgstr "%1 (%2!d! bits)"
#: cryptui.rc:59
msgid "SHA1 hash"
msgstr "SHA1 hash"
#: cryptui.rc:60
msgid "Enhanced key usage (property)"
msgstr "Udvidet nøgle brug (egenskab)"
#: cryptui.rc:61
msgid "Friendly name"
msgstr "Venlig navn"
#: cryptui.rc:62 shell32.rc:239 ipconfig.rc:41
msgid "Description"
msgstr "Beskrivelse"
#: cryptui.rc:63
msgid "Certificate Properties"
msgstr "Certifikat egenskaber"
#: cryptui.rc:64
msgid "Please enter an OID in the form"
msgstr "Angiv venligst et OID på formen"
#: cryptui.rc:65
msgid "The OID you entered already exists."
msgstr "OID'et du angav findes allerede."
#: cryptui.rc:67
msgid "Please select a certificate store."
msgstr "Vælg venligst et certifikatlager."
#: cryptui.rc:69
msgid ""
"The file contains objects that do not match the given criteria. Please "
"select another file."
msgstr ""
"Filen indeholder objekter der ikke matcher det givne kriterie. Vælg venligst "
"en anden fil."
#: cryptui.rc:70
msgid "File to Import"
msgstr "Fil at importere"
#: cryptui.rc:71
msgid "Specify the file you want to import."
msgstr "Angiv filen du vil importere."
#: cryptui.rc:72 cryptui.rc:95
msgid "Certificate Store"
msgstr "Certifikatlager"
#: cryptui.rc:73
msgid ""
"Certificate stores are collections of certificates, certificate revocation "
"lists, and certificate trust lists."
msgstr ""
"Certifikatlagre er samlinger af certifikater, certifikat "
"tilbagekaldelseslister og certifikat troværdighedslister."
#: cryptui.rc:74
msgid "X.509 Certificate (*.cer; *.crt)"
msgstr "X.509 certifikater (*.cer; *.crt)"
#: cryptui.rc:75
msgid "Personal Information Exchange (*.pfx; *.p12)"
msgstr "Personlig informationsudveksling (*.pfx; *.p12)"
#: cryptui.rc:76 cryptui.rc:155
msgid "Certificate Revocation List (*.crl)"
msgstr "Certifikat tilbagekaldelsesliste (*.crl)"
#: cryptui.rc:77 cryptui.rc:156
msgid "Certificate Trust List (*.stl)"
msgstr "Certificat tillids liste (*.stl)"
#: cryptui.rc:79
msgid "CMS/PKCS #7 Messages (*.spc; *.p7b)"
msgstr "CMS/PKCS #7 meddelelser (*.spc; *.p7b)"
#: cryptui.rc:81
msgid "Please select a file."
msgstr "Vælg venligst en fil."
#: cryptui.rc:82
msgid "The file format is not recognized. Please select another file."
msgstr "Fil formatet er ikke genkendt. Vælg venligst en anden fil."
#: cryptui.rc:83
msgid "Could not open "
msgstr "Kunne ikke åbne "
#: cryptui.rc:84
msgid "Determined by the program"
msgstr "Bestemt af programmet"
#: cryptui.rc:85
msgid "Please select a store"
msgstr "Vælg venligst et lager"
#: cryptui.rc:86
msgid "Certificate Store Selected"
msgstr "Certifikatlager valgt"
#: cryptui.rc:87
msgid "Automatically determined by the program"
msgstr "Automatisk bestemt af programmet"
#: cryptui.rc:88 shell32.rc:134
msgid "File"
msgstr "Fil"
#: cryptui.rc:89 inetcpl.rc:105
msgid "Content"
msgstr "Indhold"
#: cryptui.rc:91
msgid "Certificate Revocation List"
msgstr "Certifikat tilbagekaldelsesliste"
#: cryptui.rc:93
msgid "CMS/PKCS #7 Message"
msgstr "CMS/PKCS #7 meddelelse"
#: cryptui.rc:94
msgid "Personal Information Exchange"
msgstr "Personlig informations udveksling"
#: cryptui.rc:96
msgid "The import was successful."
msgstr "Importen var vellykket."
#: cryptui.rc:97
msgid "The import failed."
msgstr "Importeringen fejlede."
#: cryptui.rc:98
msgid "Arial"
msgstr "Arial"
#: cryptui.rc:100
msgid "<Advanced Purposes>"
msgstr "<Avancerede formål>"
#: cryptui.rc:101
msgid "Issued To"
msgstr "Udstedt til"
#: cryptui.rc:102
msgid "Issued By"
msgstr "Udstedt af"
#: cryptui.rc:103
msgid "Expiration Date"
msgstr "Udløbsdato"
#: cryptui.rc:104
msgid "Friendly Name"
msgstr "Venlig navn"
#: cryptui.rc:106 cryptui.rc:120
msgid "<None>"
msgstr "<Ingen>"
#: cryptui.rc:107
msgid ""
"You will no longer be able to decrypt messages with this certificate, or "
"sign messages with it.\n"
"Are you sure you want to remove this certificate?"
msgstr ""
"Du vil ikke længere kunne dekryptere beskeder med dette certifikat eller "
"underskrive beskeder med det.\n"
"Er du sikker på du vil fjerne dette certifikat?"
#: cryptui.rc:108
msgid ""
"You will no longer be able to decrypt messages with these certificates, or "
"sign messages with them.\n"
"Are you sure you want to remove these certificates?"
msgstr ""
"Du vil ikke længere kunne dekryptere beskeder med disse certifikater eller "
"underskrive beskeder med dem.\n"
"Er du sikker på du vil fjerne disse certifikater?"
#: cryptui.rc:109
msgid ""
"You will no longer be able to encrypt messages with this certificate, or "
"verify messages signed with it.\n"
"Are you sure you want to remove this certificate?"
msgstr ""
"Du vil ikke længere kunne kryptere beskeder med dette certifikat eller "
"verificere beskeder underskrevet med det.\n"
"Er du sikker på du vil fjerne dette certifikat?"
#: cryptui.rc:110
msgid ""
"You will no longer be able to encrypt messages with these certificates, or "
"verify messages signed with it.\n"
"Are you sure you want to remove these certificates?"
msgstr ""
"Du vil ikke længere kunne kryptere beskeder med disse certifikater eller "
"verificere beskeder underskrevet med det.\n"
"Er du sikker på du vil fjerne disse certifikater?"
#: cryptui.rc:111
msgid ""
"Certificates issued by this certification authority will no longer be "
"Are you sure you want to remove this certificate?"
msgstr ""
"Certifikater udstedt af denne certificeringsmyndighed vil ikke længere være "
"Er du sikker på du vil fjerne dette certifikat?"
#: cryptui.rc:112
msgid ""
"Certificates issued by these certification authorities will no longer be "
"Are you sure you want to remove these certificates?"
msgstr ""
"Certifikater udstedt af disse certificeringsmyndigheder vil ikke længere "
"være troværdig.\n"
"Er du sikker på du vil fjerne disse certifikater?"
#: cryptui.rc:113
msgid ""
"Certificates issued by this root certification authority, or any "
"certification authorities it issued, will no longer be trusted.\n"
"Are you sure you want to remove this trusted root certificate?"
msgstr ""
"Certifikater udstedt af denne rodcertificeringsmyndighed eller enhver "
"certificeringsmyndighed det udstedte vil ikke længere være troværdig.\n"
"Er du sikker du vil fjerne dette troværdige rodcertifikat?"
#: cryptui.rc:114
msgid ""
"Certificates issued by these root certification authorities, or any "
"certification authorities they issued, will no longer be trusted.\n"
"Are you sure you want to remove these trusted root certificates?"
msgstr ""
"Certifikater udstedt af disse rodcertificeringsmyndigheder eller enhver "
"certificeringsmyndighed de udstedte vil ikke længere være troværdig.\n"
"Er du sikker på du vil fjerne disse troværdige rodcertifikater?"
#: cryptui.rc:115
msgid ""
"Software signed by this publisher will no longer be trusted.\n"
"Are you sure you want to remove this certificate?"
msgstr ""
"Software underskrevet af denne udgiver vil ikke længere være troværdig.\n"
"Er du sikker du på du vil fjerne dette certifikat?"
#: cryptui.rc:116
msgid ""
"Software signed by these publishers will no longer be trusted.\n"
"Are you sure you want to remove these certificates?"
msgstr ""
"Software underskrevet af disse udgivere vil ikke længere være troværdig.\n"
"Er du sikker på du vil fjerne disse certifikater?"
#: cryptui.rc:117
msgid "Are you sure you want to remove this certificate?"
msgstr "Er du sikker på du vil fjerne dette certifikat?"
#: cryptui.rc:118
msgid "Are you sure you want to remove these certificates?"
msgstr "Er du sikkert på du vil fjerne disse certifikater?"
#: cryptui.rc:121
msgid "Ensures the identity of a remote computer"
msgstr "Sikrer identiteten af en fjern computer"
#: cryptui.rc:122
msgid "Proves your identity to a remote computer"
msgstr "Beviser din identitet til en fjern computer"
#: cryptui.rc:123
msgid ""
"Ensures software came from software publisher\n"
"Protects software from alteration after publication"
msgstr ""
"Sikrer software kom fra software udgiver\n"
"Beskytter software fra ændring efter offentliggørelse"
#: cryptui.rc:124
msgid "Protects e-mail messages"
msgstr "Beskytter e-mail beskeder"
#: cryptui.rc:125
msgid "Allows secure communication over the Internet"
msgstr "Tillader sikker kommunikation over internettet"
#: cryptui.rc:126
msgid "Allows data to be signed with the current time"
msgstr "Tillader data at blive underskrevet med nuværende tid"
#: cryptui.rc:127
msgid "Allows you to digitally sign a certificate trust list"
msgstr "Tillader dig digitalt, at underskrive en certifikat troværdighedsliste"
#: cryptui.rc:128
msgid "Allows data on disk to be encrypted"
msgstr "Tillader data på disken at blive krypteret"
#: cryptui.rc:144
msgid "Private Key Archival"
msgstr "Privat nøglearkivering"
#: cryptui.rc:148
msgid "Export Format"
msgstr "Eksporter format"
#: cryptui.rc:149
msgid "Choose the format in which the content will be saved."
msgstr "Vælg formatet, som indholdet vil blive gemt i."
#: cryptui.rc:150
msgid "Export Filename"
msgstr "Eksporter filnavn"
#: cryptui.rc:151
msgid "Specify the name of the file in which the content will be saved."
msgstr "Angiv navnet af filen, som indholdet vil blive gemt i."
#: cryptui.rc:152
msgid "The specified file already exists. Do you want to replace it?"
msgstr "Filen findes allerede. Vil du erstatte den?"
#: cryptui.rc:153
msgid "DER-Encoded Binary X.509 (*.cer)"
msgstr "DER-kodet binær X.509 (*.cer)"
#: cryptui.rc:154
msgid "Base64-Encoded X.509 (*.cer)"
msgstr "Base64 kodet X.509 (*.cer)"
#: cryptui.rc:157
msgid "CMS/PKCS #7 Messages (*.p7b)"
msgstr "CMS/PKCS #7 meddelelse (*.p7b)"
#: cryptui.rc:158
msgid "Personal Information Exchange (*.pfx)"
msgstr "Personlig informations udveksling (*.pfx)"
#: cryptui.rc:160
msgid "File Format"
msgstr "Fil format"
#: cryptui.rc:161
msgid "Include all certificates in certificate path"
msgstr "Inkluder alle certifikater i certifikatsti"
#: cryptui.rc:162
msgid "Export keys"
msgstr "Eksporter nøgler"
#: cryptui.rc:165
msgid "The export was successful."
msgstr "Eksporteringen var vellykket."
#: cryptui.rc:166
msgid "The export failed."
msgstr "Eksporteringen fejlede."
#: cryptui.rc:167
msgid "Export Private Key"
msgstr "Eksporter privatnøgle"
#: cryptui.rc:168
msgid ""
"The certificate contains a private key which may be exported along with the "
msgstr ""
"Certifikatet indeholder en privatnøgle der kan eksporteres sammen med "
#: cryptui.rc:169
msgid "Enter Password"
msgstr "Indtast kodeord"
#: cryptui.rc:170
msgid "You may password-protect a private key."
msgstr "Du kan beskytte en privatnøgle med et kodeord."
#: cryptui.rc:171
msgid "The passwords do not match."
msgstr "Kodeordene matcher ikke."
#: cryptui.rc:172
msgid "Note: The private key for this certificate could not be opened."
msgstr "Bemærk: Privatnøglen for dette certifikat kunne ikke blive åbnet."
#: cryptui.rc:173
msgid "Note: The private key for this certificate is not exportable."
msgstr "Bemærk: Den private nøgle for dette certifikat kan ikke eksporteres."
#: devenum.rc:32
msgid "Default DirectSound"
msgstr "Standard DirectSound"
#: devenum.rc:33
msgid "DirectSound: %s"
msgstr "DirectSound: %s"
#: devenum.rc:34
msgid "Default WaveOut Device"
msgstr "Standard WaveOut Enhed"
#: devenum.rc:35
msgid "Default MidiOut Device"
msgstr "Standard MidiOut Enhed"
#: dinput.rc:40
msgid "Configure Devices"
msgstr "Konfigurér enheder"
#: dinput.rc:45
msgid "Reset"
msgstr "Nulstil"
#: dinput.rc:48
msgid "Player"
msgstr "Afspiller"
#: dinput.rc:49
msgid "Device"
msgstr "Enhed"
#: dinput.rc:50
msgid "Actions"
msgstr "Handlinger"
#: dinput.rc:51
msgid "Mapping"
msgstr "Peger på"
#: dinput.rc:53
msgid "Show Assigned First"
msgstr "Vis tildelte først"
#: dinput.rc:34
msgid "Action"
msgstr "Handling"
#: dinput.rc:35
msgid "Object"
msgstr "&Objekt"
#: dxdiagn.rc:25
msgid "Regional Setting"
msgstr "Regional indstilling"
#: dxdiagn.rc:26
msgid "%1!u!MB used, %2!u!MB available"
msgstr "%1!u!MB brugt, %2!u!MB ledig"
#: gdi32.rc:25
msgid "Western"
msgstr "Vestlig"
#: gdi32.rc:26
msgid "Central European"
msgstr "Central europæisk"
#: gdi32.rc:27
msgid "Cyrillic"
msgstr "Kyrillisk"
#: gdi32.rc:28
msgid "Greek"
msgstr "Græsk"
#: gdi32.rc:29
msgid "Turkish"
msgstr "Tyrkisk"
#: gdi32.rc:30
msgid "Hebrew"
msgstr "Hebraisk"
#: gdi32.rc:31
msgid "Arabic"
msgstr "Arabisk"
#: gdi32.rc:32
msgid "Baltic"
msgstr "Baltisk"
#: gdi32.rc:33
msgid "Vietnamese"
msgstr "Vietnamesisk"
#: gdi32.rc:34
msgid "Thai"
msgstr "Thai"
#: gdi32.rc:35
msgid "Japanese"
msgstr "Japansk"
#: gdi32.rc:36
msgid "CHINESE_GB2312"
msgstr "Kinesisk GB2312"
#: gdi32.rc:37
msgid "Hangul"
msgstr "Hangul"
#: gdi32.rc:38
msgid "CHINESE_BIG5"
msgstr "Kinesisk BIG5"
#: gdi32.rc:39
msgid "Hangul(Johab)"
msgstr "Hangul(Johab)"
#: gdi32.rc:40
msgid "Symbol"
msgstr "Symbol"
#: gdi32.rc:41
msgid "OEM/DOS"
msgstr "OEM/DOS"
#: gphoto2.rc:27
msgid "Files on Camera"
msgstr "Filer på kamera"
#: gphoto2.rc:31
msgid "Import Selected"
msgstr "Importer valgte"
#: gphoto2.rc:32
msgid "Preview"
msgstr "Forhånd visning"
#: gphoto2.rc:33
msgid "Import All"
msgstr "Importer alt"
#: gphoto2.rc:34
msgid "Skip This Dialog"
msgstr "Spring dette over"
#: gphoto2.rc:35
msgid "Exit"
msgstr "Afslut"
#: gphoto2.rc:40
msgid "Transferring"
msgstr "Overfører"
#: gphoto2.rc:43
msgid "Transferring... Please Wait"
msgstr "Overfører... Vent venligst"
#: gphoto2.rc:48
msgid "Connecting to camera"
msgstr "Tilslutter til kamera"
#: gphoto2.rc:52
msgid "Connecting to camera... Please Wait"
msgstr "Tilslutter til kamera... Vent venligst"
#: hhctrl.rc:56
msgid "S&ync"
msgstr "S&ynkroniser"
#: hhctrl.rc:57 shdoclc.rc:38 winhlp32.rc:86
msgid "&Back"
msgstr "Til&bage"
#: hhctrl.rc:58
msgid "&Forward"
msgstr "&Frem"
#: hhctrl.rc:59
msgctxt "table of contents"
msgid "&Home"
msgstr "&Hjem"
#: hhctrl.rc:60
msgid "&Stop"
msgstr "&Stop"
#: hhctrl.rc:61 shdoclc.rc:56
msgid "&Refresh"
msgstr "Opdate&r"
#: hhctrl.rc:62 winhlp32.rc:31
msgid "&Print..."
msgstr "&Udskriv..."
#: hhctrl.rc:28 taskmgr.rc:89
msgid "&Contents"
msgstr "&Indhold"
#: hhctrl.rc:29
msgid "I&ndex"
msgstr "I&ndeks"
#: hhctrl.rc:30 notepad.rc:52
msgid "&Search"
msgstr "&Søg"
#: hhctrl.rc:31
msgid "Favor&ites"
msgstr "Favor&itter"
#: hhctrl.rc:33
msgid "Hide &Tabs"
msgstr "Skjul &faner"
#: hhctrl.rc:34
msgid "Show &Tabs"
msgstr "Vis &faner"
#: hhctrl.rc:39
msgid "Show"
msgstr "Vis"
#: hhctrl.rc:40
msgid "Hide"
msgstr "Skjul"
#: hhctrl.rc:41 ieframe.rc:65 shdoclc.rc:164 shdoclc.rc:188
msgid "Stop"
msgstr "Stop"
#: hhctrl.rc:42 ieframe.rc:66 shell32.rc:59
msgid "Refresh"
msgstr "Opdater"
#: hhctrl.rc:43 ieframe.rc:63
msgid "Back"
msgstr "Tilbage"
#: hhctrl.rc:44
msgctxt "table of contents"
msgid "Home"
msgstr "Hjem"
#: hhctrl.rc:45
msgid "Sync"
msgstr "Synkroniser"
#: hhctrl.rc:47 wineconsole.rc:57 wordpad.rc:155
msgid "Options"
msgstr "Indstillinger"
#: hhctrl.rc:48 ieframe.rc:64
msgid "Forward"
msgstr "Frem"
#: iccvid.rc:25 iccvid.rc:26
msgid "Cinepak Video codec"
msgstr "Cinepak videokodeks"
#: ieframe.rc:25 shell32.rc:111 notepad.rc:26 oleview.rc:27 oleview.rc:77
#: progman.rc:29 taskmgr.rc:35 view.rc:28 winefile.rc:25 winhlp32.rc:28
#: wordpad.rc:26
msgid "&File"
msgstr "&Fil"
#: ieframe.rc:27 regedit.rc:44 regedit.rc:95
msgid "&New"
msgstr "&Ny"
#: ieframe.rc:29 winefile.rc:70
msgid "&Window"
msgstr "Vind&ue"
#: ieframe.rc:31 view.rc:30 winhlp32.rc:29
msgid "&Open..."
msgstr "Å&bn..."
#: ieframe.rc:33 notepad.rc:30 wordpad.rc:31
msgid "Save &as..."
msgstr "Gem so&m..."
#: ieframe.rc:35
msgid "Print &format..."
msgstr "Udskriv &format..."
#: ieframe.rc:36
msgid "Pr&int..."
msgstr "Udskr&iv..."
#: ieframe.rc:37 wordpad.rc:34
msgid "Print previe&w"
msgstr "&Forhåndsvisning"
#: ieframe.rc:44
msgid "&Toolbars"
msgstr "Værk&tøjslinjer"
#: ieframe.rc:46
msgid "&Standard bar"
msgstr "&Standardlinje"
#: ieframe.rc:47
msgid "&Address bar"
msgstr "&Adressebar"
#: ieframe.rc:50 regedit.rc:71
msgid "&Favorites"
msgstr "&Favoritter"
#: ieframe.rc:52 regedit.rc:73
msgid "&Add to Favorites..."
msgstr "Tilføj til f&avoritter..."
#: ieframe.rc:57
msgid "&About Internet Explorer"
msgstr "&Om Internet Explorer"
#: ieframe.rc:87
msgid "Open URL"
msgstr "Åbn &link"
#: ieframe.rc:90
msgid "Specify the URL you wish to open in Internet Explorer"
msgstr "Angiv det URL du ønsker at åbne i Internet Explorer"
#: ieframe.rc:91
msgid "Open:"
msgstr "Åbn:"
#: ieframe.rc:67
msgctxt "home page"
msgid "Home"
msgstr "Hjem"
#: ieframe.rc:68 winhlp32.rc:66
msgid "Print..."
msgstr "Udskriv..."
#: ieframe.rc:73
msgid "Address"
msgstr "Adresse"
#: ieframe.rc:78
msgid "Searching for %s"
msgstr "Søger efter %s"
#: ieframe.rc:79
msgid "Start downloading %s"
msgstr "Start nedhentning %s"
#: ieframe.rc:80
msgid "Downloading %s"
msgstr "Henter %s"
#: ieframe.rc:81
msgid "Asking for %s"
msgstr "Spørger efter %s"
#: inetcpl.rc:46
msgid "Home page"
msgstr "Startside"
#: inetcpl.rc:47
msgid "You can choose the address that will be used as your home page."
msgstr "Du kan vælge adressen der vil blive brugt som din startside."
#: inetcpl.rc:50
msgid "&Current page"
msgstr "Nuværende side"
#: inetcpl.rc:51
msgid "&Default page"
msgstr "Standard side"
#: inetcpl.rc:52
msgid "&Blank page"
msgstr "Blank side"
#: inetcpl.rc:53
msgid "Browsing history"
msgstr "Historik"
#: inetcpl.rc:54
msgid "You can delete cached pages, cookies and other data."
msgstr "Du kan slette gemte sider, cookies og andet data."
#: inetcpl.rc:56
msgid "Delete &files..."
msgstr "Slet &filer..."
#: inetcpl.rc:57
msgid "&Settings..."
msgstr "&Indstillinger..."
#: inetcpl.rc:65
msgid "Delete browsing history"
msgstr "Slet historik"
#: inetcpl.rc:68
msgid ""
"Temporary internet files\n"
"Cached copies of webpages, images and certificates."
msgstr ""
"Midlertidige internet filer\n"
"Gemte kopier af sider, billeder og certifikater."
#: inetcpl.rc:70
msgid ""
"Files saved on your computer by websites, which store things like user "
"preferences and login information."
msgstr ""
"Filer gemt på din computer af hjemmesider, som indeholder ting som bruger "
"præferencer og login information."
#: inetcpl.rc:72
msgid ""
"List of websites you have accessed."
msgstr ""
"Liste af hjemmesider du har besøgt."
#: inetcpl.rc:74
msgid ""
"Form data\n"
"Usernames and other information you have entered into forms."
msgstr ""
"Form data\n"
"Brugernavne og andet information du har indtastet i former."
#: inetcpl.rc:76
msgid ""
"Saved passwords you have entered into forms."
msgstr ""
"Gemte kodeord du har indtastet i former."
#: inetcpl.rc:79 progman.rc:64
msgid "Delete"
msgstr "Slet"
#: inetcpl.rc:87 winefile.rc:112
msgid "Security"
msgstr "Sikkerhed"
#: inetcpl.rc:109
msgid ""
"Certificates are used for your personal identification and to identify "
"certificate authorities and publishers."
msgstr ""
"Certifikater er brugt til din personlige identifikation og til at "
"identificere certifikatmyndigheder og udgivere."
#: inetcpl.rc:111
msgid "Certificates..."
msgstr "Certifikater..."
#: inetcpl.rc:112
msgid "Publishers..."
msgstr "Udgivere..."
#: inetcpl.rc:28
msgid "Internet Settings"
msgstr "Internet indstillinger"
#: inetcpl.rc:29
msgid "Configure Wine Internet Browser and related settings"
msgstr "Konfigurér Wine Internet Browser og relaterede indstillinger"
#: inetcpl.rc:30
msgid "Security settings for zone: "
msgstr "Sikkerhedsindstillinger for zone: "
#: inetcpl.rc:31
msgid "Custom"
msgstr "Brugerdefineret"
#: inetcpl.rc:32
msgid "Very Low"
msgstr "Meget lav"
#: inetcpl.rc:33
msgid "Low"
msgstr "&Lav"
#: inetcpl.rc:34
msgid "Medium"
msgstr "Mellem"
#: inetcpl.rc:35
msgid "Increased"
msgstr "Øget"
#: inetcpl.rc:36
msgid "High"
msgstr "&Høj"
#: joy.rc:33
msgid "Joysticks"
msgstr ""
#: joy.rc:36 winecfg.rc:204
msgid "&Disable"
msgstr "&Deaktiver"
#: joy.rc:37
#, fuzzy
#| msgid "&enable"
msgid "&Enable"
msgstr "&Aktiver"
#: joy.rc:38
#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Disconnected"
msgid "Connected"
msgstr "Forbindelse mistet"
#: joy.rc:40
#, fuzzy
#| msgid "&Disable"
msgid "Disabled"
msgstr "&Deaktiver"
#: joy.rc:46
msgid "Test Joystick"
msgstr ""
#: joy.rc:50
msgid "Buttons"
msgstr ""
#: joy.rc:58
msgid "Test Force Feedback"
msgstr ""
#: joy.rc:28
#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Create Control"
msgid "Game Controllers"
msgstr "Opret control"
#: jscript.rc:25
msgid "Error converting object to primitive type"
msgstr "Fejl ved konvertering af objekt til primitiv type"
#: jscript.rc:26
msgid "Invalid procedure call or argument"
msgstr "Ugyldig procedure kald eller argument"
#: jscript.rc:27
msgid "Subscript out of range"
msgstr "Indekset er uden for grænserne"
#: jscript.rc:28
msgid "Object required"
msgstr "Objekt krævet"
#: jscript.rc:29
msgid "Automation server can't create object"
msgstr "Automations-serveren kan ikke oprette objektet"
#: jscript.rc:30
msgid "Object doesn't support this property or method"
msgstr "Objektet understøtter ikke denne egenskab eller metode"
#: jscript.rc:31
msgid "Object doesn't support this action"
msgstr "Objektet understøtter ikke denne metode"
#: jscript.rc:32
msgid "Argument not optional"
msgstr "Argument ikke valgfrit"
#: jscript.rc:33
msgid "Syntax error"
msgstr "Syntaksfejl"
#: jscript.rc:34
msgid "Expected ';'"
msgstr "Forventet ';'"
#: jscript.rc:35
msgid "Expected '('"
msgstr "Forventet '('"
#: jscript.rc:36
msgid "Expected ')'"
msgstr "Forventet ')'"
#: jscript.rc:37
msgid "Invalid character"
msgstr "Ugyldig karakter"
#: jscript.rc:38
msgid "Unterminated string constant"
msgstr "Uafsluttet strengkonstant"
#: jscript.rc:39
msgid "Can't have 'break' outside of loop"
msgstr "Kan ikke have 'break' udenfor en løkke"
#: jscript.rc:40
msgid "Can't have 'continue' outside of loop"
msgstr "Kan ikke have «continue» udenfor en løkke"
#: jscript.rc:41
msgid "Label redefined"
msgstr "Etiket omdefineret"
#: jscript.rc:42
msgid "Label not found"
msgstr "Etiket ikke fundet"
#: jscript.rc:43
msgid "Conditional compilation is turned off"
msgstr "Betinget kompilering er slået fra"
#: jscript.rc:46
msgid "Number expected"
msgstr "Nummer forventet"
#: jscript.rc:44
msgid "Function expected"
msgstr "Funktion forventet"
#: jscript.rc:45
msgid "'[object]' is not a date object"
msgstr "«[objekt]» er ikke et dato objekt"
#: jscript.rc:47
msgid "Object expected"
msgstr "Objekt forventet"
#: jscript.rc:48
msgid "Illegal assignment"
msgstr "Ulovlig tildeling"
#: jscript.rc:49
msgid "'|' is undefined"
msgstr "«|» er ikke defineret"
#: jscript.rc:50
msgid "Boolean object expected"
msgstr "Boolsk objekt forventet"
#: jscript.rc:51
msgid "Cannot delete '|'"
msgstr "Kan ikke slette «|»"
#: jscript.rc:52
msgid "VBArray object expected"
msgstr "VBArray objekt forventet"
#: jscript.rc:53
msgid "JScript object expected"
msgstr "JScript objekt forventet"
#: jscript.rc:54
msgid "Syntax error in regular expression"
msgstr "Syntaksfejl i regulært udtryk"
#: jscript.rc:56
msgid "URI to be encoded contains invalid characters"
msgstr "URI, der skal kodes indeholder ugyldige tegn"
#: jscript.rc:55
msgid "URI to be decoded is incorrect"
msgstr "URI der skal afkodes er forkert"
#: jscript.rc:57
#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Enumeration value out of range.\n"
msgid "Number of fraction digits is out of range"
msgstr "Opregnings værdi uden for intervallet.\n"
#: jscript.rc:58
#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Subscript out of range"
msgid "Precision is out of range"
msgstr "Indekset er uden for grænserne"
#: jscript.rc:59
msgid "Array length must be a finite positive integer"
msgstr "Array længde skal være et endeligt positivt heltal"
#: jscript.rc:60
msgid "Array object expected"
msgstr "Array objekt forventet"
msgid "Success.\n"
msgstr "Vellykket.\n"
msgid "Invalid function.\n"
msgstr "Ugyldig funktion.\n"
msgid "File not found.\n"
msgstr "Filen blev ikke fundet.\n"
msgid "Path not found.\n"
msgstr "Stien blev ikke fundet.\n"
msgid "Too many open files.\n"
msgstr "For mange filer åbnet.\n"
msgid "Access denied.\n"
msgstr "Adgang nægtet.\n"
msgid "Invalid handle.\n"
msgstr "Ugyldig handling.\n"
msgid "Memory trashed.\n"
msgstr "Problem med hukommelsen.\n"
msgid "Not enough memory.\n"
msgstr "Ikke nok hukommelse.\n"
msgid "Invalid block.\n"
msgstr "Ugyldig blok.\n"
msgid "Bad environment.\n"
msgstr "Forkert miljø.\n"
msgid "Bad format.\n"
msgstr "Forkert format.\n"
msgid "Invalid access.\n"
msgstr "Ugyldig adgang.\n"
msgid "Invalid data.\n"
msgstr "Ugyldig data.\n"
msgid "Out of memory.\n"
msgstr "Der er ikke mere hukommelse.\n"
msgid "Invalid drive.\n"
msgstr "Ugyldigt drev.\n"
msgid "Can't delete current directory.\n"
msgstr "Kan ikke slette arbejdsmappe.\n"
msgid "Not same device.\n"
msgstr "Ikke samme enhed.\n"
msgid "No more files.\n"
msgstr "Ikke flere filer.\n"
msgid "Write protected.\n"
msgstr "Skrive beskyttet.\n"
msgid "Bad unit.\n"
msgstr "Forkert enhed.\n"
msgid "Not ready.\n"
msgstr "Ikke klar.\n"
msgid "Bad command.\n"
msgstr "Forkert kommando.\n"
msgid "CRC error.\n"
msgstr "Cyklisk redundanstjek (CRC) fejl.\n"
msgid "Bad length.\n"
msgstr "Forkert længde.\n"
msgid "Seek error.\n"
msgstr "Søge fejl.\n"
msgid "Not DOS disk.\n"
msgstr "Ikke en DOS diskette.\n"
msgid "Sector not found.\n"
msgstr "Sektoren blev ikke fundet.\n"
msgid "Out of paper.\n"
msgstr "Ikke mere papir.\n"
msgid "Write fault.\n"
msgstr "Skrivnings fejl.\n"
msgid "Read fault.\n"
msgstr "Læsnings fejl.\n"
msgid "General failure.\n"
msgstr "General fiasko.\n"
msgid "Sharing violation.\n"
msgstr "Delingsfejl.\n"
msgid "Lock violation.\n"
msgstr "Låsningsfejl.\n"
msgid "Wrong disk.\n"
msgstr "Forkert diskette.\n"
msgid "Sharing buffer exceeded.\n"
msgstr "Delings buffer overskredet.\n"
msgid "End of file.\n"
msgstr "Slutningen af filen.\n"
msgid "Disk full.\n"
msgstr "Diskens plads er opbrugt.\n"
msgid "Request not supported.\n"
msgstr "Anmodning er ikke understøttet.\n"
msgid "Remote machine not listening.\n"
msgstr "Fjernmaskinen lytter ikke.\n"
msgid "Duplicate network name.\n"
msgstr "Duplikere netværksnavnet.\n"
msgid "Bad network path.\n"
msgstr "Forkert netværks sti.\n"
msgid "Network busy.\n"
msgstr "Netværk optaget.\n"
msgid "Device does not exist.\n"
msgstr "Enheden eksistere ikke.\n"
msgid "Too many commands.\n"
msgstr "For mange kommandoer.\n"
msgid "Adapter hardware error.\n"
msgstr "Hardware adapterfejl.\n"
msgid "Bad network response.\n"
msgstr "Forkert netværks svar.\n"
msgid "Unexpected network error.\n"
msgstr "Uventet netværksfejl.\n"
msgid "Bad remote adapter.\n"
msgstr "Forkert fjernadapter.\n"
msgid "Print queue full.\n"
msgstr "Printer køen er fuld.\n"
msgid "No spool space.\n"
msgstr "Ingen spool plads.\n"
msgid "Print canceled.\n"
msgstr "Udskrivning annulleret.\n"
msgid "Network name deleted.\n"
msgstr "Netværks navn slettet.\n"
msgid "Network access denied.\n"
msgstr "Netværks adgang nægtet.\n"
msgid "Bad device type.\n"
msgstr "Forkert enheds type.\n"
msgid "Bad network name.\n"
msgstr "Forkert netværks navn.\n"
msgid "Too many network names.\n"
msgstr "Alt for mange netværks navne.\n"
msgid "Too many network sessions.\n"
msgstr "Alt for mange netværks sessioner.\n"
msgid "Sharing paused.\n"
msgstr "Deling pauset.\n"
msgid "Request not accepted.\n"
msgstr "Anmodningen blev ikke accepteret.\n"
msgid "Redirector paused.\n"
msgstr "Omdirigering på pause.\n"