JSON export format

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SeriesGuide can export and import your data using JSON text files. Their format is documented here.

The actual exported JSON is written without indents and comments to save space and increase performance. The following representation is for documentation purposes only.

When importing, not all but a few required values need to be present. SeriesGuide will in most cases fill in missing values on the next update.


File name: sg-shows-export.json

    "tvdb_id":248741, // TheTVDB show id, required
    "country":"us", // ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 two letter country code
    "release_time":2000, // Encoded 24 hour local time (hhmm)
    "release_timezone":"America/New_York", // tz database name (Olson)
    "release_weekday":1, // See org.joda.time.DateTimeConstants
    "actors":"|Beth Behrs|Kat Dennings|",
    "last_edited":1430256880, // From TheTVDB, in seconds
    "last_watched_episode":5007198, // TheTVDB id of the episode
    "last_watched_ms":1430296309940, // used to determine last watched order
    "language":en, // preferred content language to fetch from TheTVDB
    "overview":"A lot of girls move to New York City to \"make it\".",
    "poster":"posters/248741-6.jpg", // TheTVDB banner path
    "title":"2 Broke Girls",
    "trakt_id":123, // only if the show is listed on trakt
        "season":0, // 0 for Special Episodes, 1-n regular seasons
            "directors":"Don Scardino",
            "gueststars":"Eric Tiede|Darren Darnborough",
            "image":"episodes/248741/4595689.jpg", // TheTVDB episode image path
            "last_edited":1426450001, // From TheTVDB, in seconds
            "overview":"Word about a shocking incident.",
            "title":"And the Soft Opening",
            "writers":"Michael Patrick King"


File name: sg-lists-export.json

    "name":"First list",


File name: sg-movies-export.json

      "title":"Wish I Was Here",
      "overview":"Something, something, dark side.",
      "poster":"/8b54J6gCM27QodPBoBWAcC9JHnd.jpg", // TMDb poster path