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You can commit a single file or multiple files or folders selected in the tree-view. This command will bring up a dialog window where you can unselect any files you do not want to commit.

You can also choose to amend the last commit with the selected files and/or optionally change the last commit message.

You then have the following options to commit the message/files:

  • "Commit" will just commit the files.
  • "Commit & Push" will commit the files then push them to origin.
  • "Commit & Sync" will commit the files, pull from origin then push to origin.

Commit All...

Same as Commit... but will list all changed files in the dialog.

Commit Staged...

Same as Commit... but will list only staged changes in the dialog.

Stage Changes

Stage changes for committing later.

Discard Changes

This will discard changes to the selected files.

Discard All Changes

This will discard changes to the all files in the repo.

Add To Last Commit

This will add the selected files to the last commit.

If you want to change the message of the last commit you will have to choose Commit... or Commit All...

Undo Last Commit

This will undo the last commit but save the changes. Like git reset --mixed HEAD~1

Switch Branch

Checkout a different branch in this repo.

Create Branch

Create a branch and optionally track/create a remote branch.

Ignore Changes

Update the index with the changed version but don't commit the changes. Like git update-index --assume-unchanged

Unignore Changes

Opposite of Ignore Changes. Like git update-index --no-assume-unchanged


Pull from tracked upstream


Push to tracked upstream


Pull then Push


Initialize a git repo for the current project.


Refresh the git status in Atom.


Fetch from all tracked repos

Stash Changes

Save changes and checkout last commit

Unstash Changes

Restore changes from last stash

Run Command

Run any git command with selected %files% as an argument


Show the git log