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VRM addon for Godot Engine

This Godot addon fully implements an importer and exporter for models with the VRM specification. Compatible with Godot Engine 4.0 stable or newer.

Proudly brought to you by the V-Sekai team.

This package also includes a standalone full implementation of the MToon Shader for Godot Engine.

Example of VRM Addon used to import two example characters

What is VRM?

See (English) or (日本語)

"VRM" is a file format for handling 3D humanoid avatar (3D model) data for VR applications. It is based on glTF 2.0. Anyone is free to use it.

VRM Features are currently supported in Godot Engine!

Import and export of VRM through version 1.0 is supported. Here is a feature breakdown:

  • VRM 0.0 Import: ✅Implemented; will convert to VRM 1.0 compatible naming!

  • VRM 1.0 Import: ✅Implemented

  • VRM Export (.vrm): ✅Implemented, will export all models as VRM 1.0

  • glTF Export with VRM 1.0 extensions (.gltf): ✅VRMC_node_constraint, ✅VRMC_materials_mtoon

    • ⚠️ VRMC_springBone not supported in non-.vrm standalone .gltf export.
    • ⚠️ Warning: When exporting .gltf, a clone of the scene root node is not made by Godot. Because some export operations are destructive, the export process will corrupt some of your materials. Please save the scene first and revert after export!
  • VRMC_materials_mtoon: ✅Implemented

  • VRMC_node_constraint: ⚠️Buggy: known issues when combined with retargeting.

  • VRMC_springBone: ✅Implemented, but needs optimization.

  • VRMC_materials_hdr_emissive: ✅Implemented

  • VRMC_vrm: ✅Implemented

    • firstPerson: ⚠️Head hiding implemented (camera layers or runtime script needed)
    • eyeOffset: ✅I️mplemented (BoneAttachment3D "LookOffset" on Head)
    • lookAt: ⚠Only creates animation tracks (application must create BlendSpace2D)
    • expressions (mood, viseme):
      • blend shapes / binds: ✅I️mplemented (Animation tracks intended for BlendTree Add2)
      • material color / UV offsets: ✅I️mplemented (Animation tracks intended for BlendTree Add2)
    • humanoid: ✅I️mplemented (uses %GeneralSkeleton SkeletonProfileHumanoid compatible retargeting.)
    • Metadata: ✅I️mplemented, including License information and screenshot

Future work

  • Support VRMC_vrm_animation:
    • Not yet implemented. Intended use: humanoid AnimationLibrary import/export.

Note for users of Godot 3.x

For VRM compatible with Godot Engine 3.2.2 or later, use the godot3 branch of this repository.

How to use

Install the vrm addon folder into addons/vrm. MUST NOT BE RENAMED: This path will be referenced by generated VRM meta scripts.

Install Godot-MToon-Shader into addons/Godot-MToon-Shader. MUST NOT BE RENAMED: This path is referenced by generated materials.

Enable the VRM and MToon plugins in Project Settings -> Plugins -> VRM and Godot-MToon-Shader.


Thanks to the V-Sekai team and contributors:

For their extensive help testing and contributing code to Godot-VRM.

Special thanks to the authors of UniVRM, MToon and other VRM tooling