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Fluentd Exporter for Prometheus Build Status

Simple server that scrapes fluentd metrics endpoint and exports them as Prometheus metrics.


Fluentd exporter uses the fluentd monitoring agent api. Fluentd official documentation details adding this source to the fluentd configuration file:

    @type monitor_agent
    port 24220

The metrics can then be accessed at: curl http://host:24220/api/plugins.json


  -telemetry.endpoint string
    	Path under which to expose metric. (default "/metrics")
    	Ignore server certificate if using https, Default: false.
  -log.format value
    	Set the log target and format. Example: "logger:syslog?appname=bob&local=7" or "logger:stdout?json=true" (default "logger:stderr")
  -log.level value
    	Only log messages with the given severity or above. Valid levels: [debug, info, warn, error, fatal] (default "info")
  -scrape_uri string
    	URI to fluentd metrics (default "http://localhost:24220/api/plugins.json")
  -telemetry.address string
    	Address on which to expose metrics. (default ":9309")
    	Print version information.


The exporter collects the following metrics:

Fluentd metrics:

# HELP fluentd_buffer_queue_length Buffered queue length
# TYPE fluentd_buffer_queue_length counter
# HELP fluentd_buffer_total_queued_size size of the total queued
# TYPE fluentd_buffer_total_queued_size counter
# HELP fluentd_retry_count fluentd retry count
# TYPE fluentd_retry_count counter
# HELP fluentd_up Could fluentd be reached
# TYPE fluentd_up gauge

Request metrics:

# HELP http_request_duration_microseconds The HTTP request latencies in microseconds.
# TYPE http_request_duration_microseconds summary
# HELP http_request_size_bytes The HTTP request sizes in bytes.
# TYPE http_request_size_bytes summary
# HELP http_response_size_bytes The HTTP response sizes in bytes.
# TYPE http_response_size_bytes summary

Building and running

Building a binary

go build fluentd-exporter.go

Building a docker image

docker build -t fluentd_exporter .
docker run -it -p 9309:9309 fluentd_exporter -scrape_uri <fluentd-metrics-endpoint>

Note: A change in -telemetry.address flag will require changing the port in -p flag of docker run command as well.

Docker image

You can find the latest docker image here:

docker pull vect0r/fluentd_exporter

Grafana dashboard

The following dashboard can be imported into grafana Screenshot of grafana dashboard


It is intended that this exporter be placed on the host that Fluentd is running from. If you are using fluentd as a log driver for Docker then place this exporter on the host. Documentation around setting up Fluentd as a logging driver for Docker can be found here


Feel free to open an issue or PR if you have suggestions or ideas about what to add.


Burhan Deniz Abdi