Test-Driven Development for VBA
Visual Basic
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Bring the reliability of other programming realms to VBA with Test-Driven Development (TDD) for VBA on Windows and Mac.

Quick example:

Function Specs() As SpecSuite
    Set Specs = New SpecSuite
    Specs.Description = "Add"

    ' Report results to the Immediate Window
    ' (ctrl + g or View > Immediate Window)
    Dim Reporter As New ImmediateReporter
    Reporter.ListenTo Specs

    ' Describe the desired behavior
    With Specs.It("should add two numbers")
        ' Test the desired behavior
        .Expect(Add(2, 2)).ToEqual 4
        .Expect(Add(3, -1)).ToEqual 2
        .Expect(Add(-1, -2)).ToEqual -3
    End With

    With Specs.It("should add any number of numbers")
        .Expect(Add(1, 2, 3)).ToEqual 6
        .Expect(Add(1, 2, 3, 4)).ToEqual 10
    End With
End Function

Public Function Add(ParamArray Values() As Variant) As Double
    Dim i As Integer
    Add = 0
    For i = LBound(Values) To UBound(Values)
        Add = Add + Values(i)
    Next i
End Function

' Immediate Window:
' === Add ===
' + should add two numbers
' + should add any number of numbers
' = PASS (2 of 2 passed) =

For details of the process of reaching this example, see the TDD Example

Advanced Example

For an advanced example of what is possible with VBA-TDD, check out the specs for VBA-Web

Getting Started

  1. Download the latest release (v2.0.0-beta)
  2. Add src/SpecSuite.cls, src/SpecDefinition.cls, src/SpecExpectation.cls, add src/ImmediateReporter.cls to your project
  3. If you're starting from scratch with Excel, you can use VBA-TDD - Blank.xlsm

It and Expect

It is how you describe desired behavior and once a collection of specs is written, it should read like a list of requirements.

With Specs.It("should allow user to continue if they are authorized and up-to-date")
    ' ...
End With

With Specs.It("should show an X when the user rolls a strike")
    ' ...
End With

Expect is how you test desired behavior

With Specs.It("should check values")
    .Expect(2 + 2).ToEqual 4
    .Expect(2 + 2).ToNotEqual 5
    .Expect(2 + 2).ToBeLessThan 7
    .Expect(2 + 2).ToBeLT 6
    .Expect(2 + 2).ToBeLessThanOrEqualTo 5
    .Expect(2 + 2).ToBeLTE 4
    .Expect(2 + 2).ToBeGreaterThan 1
    .Expect(2 + 2).ToBeGT 2
    .Expect(2 + 2).ToBeGreaterThanOrEqualTo 3
    .Expect(2 + 2).ToBeGTE 4
    .Expect(2 + 2).ToBeCloseTo 3.9, 0
End With

With Specs.It("should check Nothing, Empty, Missing, and Null")
    ' `ToBeUndefined` checks if it's Nothing or Empty or Missing or Null

    ' Classes are undefined until they are instantiated
    Dim Sheet As Worksheet
    Set Sheet = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(1)
End With

With Specs.It("should test complex things")
    .Expect(ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Hidden").Visible).ToNotEqual XlSheetVisibility.xlSheetVisible
    .Expect(ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Main").Cells(1, 1).Interior.Color).ToEqual RGB(255, 0, 0)
End With


With your specs defined, the easiest way to display the test results is with ImmediateReporter. This outputs results to the Immediate Window (ctrl+g or View > Immediate Window) and is useful for running your tests without leaving the VBA editor.

Public Function Specs As SpecSuite
    Set Specs = New SpecSuite
    Specs.Description = "..."

    ' Create reporter and attach it to these specs
    Dim Reporter As New ImmediateReporter
    Reporter.ListenTo Specs

    ' -> Reporter will now output results as they are generated
End Function


For VBA applications that support Application.Run (which is at least Windows Excel, Word, and Access), you can create custom expect functions with RunMatcher.

Public Function Specs As SpecSuite
    Set Specs = New SpecSuite

    With Specs.It("should be within 1 and 100")
        .Expect(50).RunMatcher "ToBeWithin", "to be within", 1, 100
        '       ^ Actual
        '                      ^ Public Function to call
        '                                    ^ message for matcher
        '                                                    ^ 0+ Args to pass to matcher
    End With
End Function

Public Function ToBeWithin(Actual As Variant, Args As Variant) As Variant
    If UBound(Args) - LBound(Args) < 1 Then
        ' Return string for specific failure message
        ToBeWithin = "Need to pass in upper-bound to ToBeWithin"
        If Actual >= Args(0) And Actual <= Args(1) Then
            ' Return true for pass
            ToBeWithin = True
            ' Return false for fail or custom failure message
            ToBeWithin = False
        End If
    End If
End Function

To avoid compilation issues on unsupported applications, the compiler constant EnableRunMatcher in SpecExpectation.cls should be set to False.

For more details, check out the Wiki

  • Design based heavily on the Jasmine
  • Author: Tim Hall
  • License: MIT