PAD (Proximal and Distal) clustering
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PAD (Proximal and Distal) clustering

Authors: Pengyi Yang, Andrew Oldfield, Taiyun Kim*, Andrian Yang*, Jean Yee Hwa Yang, Joshua W.K. Ho

* Developer of website


Copyright © 2017, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute


PAD clustering is a web resource to identify co-localization sites of binding sites at regions proximal and distal regions to gene promoters.


  • Python v2.7
  • MySQl v5.7.10
  • MySQL-python v1.2.5
  • Django v1.9
  • django-crispy-forms v1.6.0
  • django-multiupload v0.5
  • numpy v1.10.4
  • plotly v1.9.5
  • pybedtools v0.7.5
  • bedtools v2.25.0
  • scipy v0.17.0