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import argparse
from multiprocessing import Pool
import numpy
from pybedtools import BedTool as bt
import pybedtools
import pickle
import os
global file1, file2, genome_chrom_sizes
class Histogram:
steps = 0
counts = []
count_sum = 0
precision = 0
def __init__(self, step, count):
self.steps = step
self.counts = count
self.count_sum = sum(count)
self.precision = len(str(step).split(".")[-1])
def get_pvalue(self, value):
rounded_value = round(value, self.precision)
cdf_value = sum(self.counts[:int(rounded_value/self.steps)])
return 1-(cdf_value/self.count_sum)
# Calculate jaccard index of all randoms in shuffledFile
def bootstrapRandom(num):
global file1, file2, genome_chrom_sizes
shuffled_file1 = file1.shuffle(g=genome_chrom_sizes, chrom=True)
shuffled_file2 = file2.shuffle(g=genome_chrom_sizes, chrom=True)
f1_sorted = shuffled_file1.sort()
f2_sorted = shuffled_file2.sort()
shuffled_result = f1_sorted.jaccard(f2_sorted)
return shuffled_result['jaccard']
def createJaccardDistribution(file_name1, file_name2, genome_chrom_size, bootstrap_num=10000, process_num=4):
print(file_name1, file_name2)
global file1, file2, genome_chrom_sizes
# Create shuffled BED files of file1 and file2
file1 = bt(file_name1)
file2 = bt(file_name2)
genome_chrom_sizes = genome_chrom_size
# set multiprocessing
pool = Pool(processes=process_num)
bootstrapped_jaccard =, range(bootstrap_num)) # returns list of jaccard indices
#step = 0.001
#precision = 3
#jaccard_count = [0 for i in range(int(1/step))]
#for jaccard_value in bootstrapped_jaccard:
# rounded_value = round(jaccard_value, precision)
# jaccard_count[int(rounded_value/step)] += 1
#jaccard_distribution = Histogram(step, jaccard_count)
return numpy.sort(bootstrapped_jaccard)
if __name__ == "__main__":
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Find two largest BED file')
parser.add_argument('--file1', '-f1', action="store", dest="file_1", help="Path to file 1")
parser.add_argument('--file2', '-f2', action="store", dest="file_2", help="Path to file 2")
parser.add_argument('--chromfile', '-c', action="store", dest="chrom_file", help="Path to chromosome sizes file")
parser.add_argument('--output', '-o', action="store", dest="pickle_output", help="Output name for pickle file")
parser.add_argument('--bootstrap', '-b', action="store", dest="bootstrap_num", help="Path to chromosome sizes file",
type=int, nargs='?', default=10000)
parser_result = parser.parse_args()
jaccard_distribution = createJaccardDistribution(parser_result.file_1, parser_result.file_2,
parser_result.chrom_file, parser_result.bootstrap_num)
output = open(parser_result.pickle_output, 'wb')
pickle.dump(jaccard_distribution, output)
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