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Welcome to the ThinSat Phase 1 wiki!

Getting Started with your ThinSat Kit

The Quick Start Guide has been made to help teachers and students collect data on an engineering model and display it on the Data Dashboard. The engineering model does not get launched on the balloon but will help you test sensors and work through any difficulties connecting to the Data Dashboard.

There are enough xChips in your ThinSat kit to make 5 WeatherSats.

Get Data to the Dashboard: A Flowchart

ThinSat Internet Requirements

Configuration Tools

Use FlashTool to configure WiFi Connection

Connect your CW01 to the Internet: A Flowchart

Data Dashboard


xChip Glossary

Phase 1 Launch

The launch is the grand finale of Phase 1. You will build a Ground Station and WeatherSat. Here we will add the radio modules and get ready for remote communications.

There are enough xChips in your XinaBox kit to make two FlatSats and one Ground Station.

To launch the FlatSat there are two options:

  1. Use tethered helium balloons, or
  2. Use a drone.

Launch Day Checklist

Use xLoader to flash your radio chips

Build your FlatSat

Build your Ground Station

Blynk App

Phase 1 xChip Coding

Here you will find self-paced lessons and tutorials that serve as an introduction to programming using the xChips. Do as many or as few as you want, and then after you can try writing your own codes!

These tutorials are awesome for learning coding fundamentals but ARE NOT used to get your data on the Data Dashboard or launch the balloon.

Bonus codes are for those who want to try more advanced programming and are presented as is.

Installation and Set-Up for Arduino

xChip Programming Basics

Coding Troubleshooting

Code Labs

Lab 0: Blink!

Bonus Code 0: Blue Fade

Lab 1: Hello World!

Bonus Code 1: Timer

Lab 2: Light Sensor

Bonus Code 2: Lux Logic

Lab 3: Altitude and Pressure

Bonus Code 3: Average Altitude

Lab 4: Serial Monitor

Bonus Code 4: Serial to OLED

Lab 5: UV Rays

Lab 6: Desktop Weather Station

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