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News and Recent Updates

NEWS 6/17/20

Welcome to the new website documentation Wiki!

This site is the new home for website documentation. This site is a support portal for website editors and users and provides information about our content governance strategy, video tutorials and content specs, training opportunities and other resources.

We encourage new website editors to explore all the material on this site.

We are also pleased to announce the following updates:

VCUarts website editors LISTSERV

All VCUarts editors have been added to a new website editors email list. This mailing list will be used to share important updates about the website such as new features, bug reports and training opportunities. All website editors must subscribe to this list.

Status of department site migration

The new website launch in April 2020 was "phase 1" of our rollout process. "Phase 2" is the migration of all department and subsite content into our new website. As of June 2020, we are approximately halfway complete with this work and intend to finish by the end of summer 2020. Please contact Chris Jones at with any specific questions regarding the import of content from your department.

Access to edit faculty and staff profiles

We have finalized a workflow on the site that allows users to edit their own faculty or staff profiles and allows a department editor to mass-edit any profiles within the department. More information about this process is available on our guide to edit faculty and staff profiles. Additional info about the "directory" content type is also available on the "directory" content type page.

Department access to news/events content type

Department editors now have access to publish news and events. View more information and video tutorials below:

Open Website Consultation

Finally, we will now be providing bi-weekly website consultation sessions for website editors. These will be held every other Wednesday during the window of 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Please schedule a timeslot in advance.

Feel free to email Chris Jones at with any questions regarding the website or submit a ticket using our helpdesk form.

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