Allowing you to watch /r/EarthPorn, /r/AlbumArtPorn and others as they slide by as your wallpaper.
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I’ve been a long time Redditor. I thought it would be awesome if you could automaticly download /r/EarthPorn as wallpapers. Windows 7 actually had the option of automaticaly downloading pictures from RSS feed. The default Reddit RSS feed needed a only a little tweaking.

Now you too can generate a .theme file here: .

This lets my server generate the RSS feed. I don’t actually know how mutch traffic this is going to generate. I might pull this project offline if it were to cost me anything.


  • imgur pics that aren’t directly linked are buggy.
  • would be nice if Flickr pictures that aren’t direct linke to could also be included.
  • The way filetype is determined isn’t pretty

Update 10/12/12

  • NSFW filter implemented
  • Created a .theme generator
  • making the combination of multiple subreddits posible