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#ifndef _BEZIER_H
#define _BEZIER_H
#include "mathvector.h"
#include "aabb.h"
#include <fstream>
class AI;
class TRACK;
//class ROADPATCH;
class BEZIER
friend class AI;
friend class TRACK;
friend class ROADPATCH;
BEZIER(const BEZIER & other) {CopyFrom(other);}
BEZIER & operator=(const BEZIER & other) {return CopyFrom(other);}
BEZIER & CopyFrom(const BEZIER &other);
float GetDistFromStart() const {return dist_from_start;}
void ResetDistFromStart() {dist_from_start = 0.0f;}
void ResetNextPatch() {next_patch = NULL;}
///initialize this bezier to the quad defined by the given corner points
void SetFromCorners(const MATHVECTOR <float, 3> & fl, const MATHVECTOR <float, 3> & fr, const MATHVECTOR <float, 3> & bl, const MATHVECTOR <float, 3> & br);
///shortest cubic spline through 4 on-curve points(chord approximation)
///will modify point[1] and point[2] if fit possible
void FitSpline(MATHVECTOR <float, 3> p[]);
///shortest cubic spline through 3 on-curve points(p1 == p2)
///will modify point[1] and point[2]
void FitMidPoint(MATHVECTOR <float, 3> p[]);
///attach this bezier and the other bezier by moving them and adjusting control points as necessary.
/// note that the other patch will be modified
void Attach(BEZIER & other, bool reverse);
void Attach(BEZIER & other) {Attach(other, false);}
///return true if the ray starting at the given origin going in the given direction intersects this bezier.
/// output the contact point and normal to the given outtri and normal variables.
bool CollideSubDivQuadSimple(const MATHVECTOR <float, 3> & origin, const MATHVECTOR <float, 3> & direction, MATHVECTOR <float, 3> &outtri) const;
bool CollideSubDivQuadSimpleNorm(const MATHVECTOR <float, 3> & origin, const MATHVECTOR <float, 3> & direction, MATHVECTOR <float, 3> &outtri, MATHVECTOR <float, 3> & normal) const;
///read/write IO operations (ascii format)
void ReadFrom(std::istream &openfile);
void WriteTo(std::ostream &openfile) const;
///flip points on both axes
void Reverse();
///a diagnostic function that checks for a twisted bezier. returns true if there is a problem.
bool CheckForProblems() const;
///halve the bezier defined by the given size 4 points4 array into the output size 4 arrays left4 and right4
void DeCasteljauHalveCurve(MATHVECTOR <float, 3> * points4, MATHVECTOR <float, 3> * left4, MATHVECTOR <float, 3> * right4) const;
///access corners of the patch (front left, front right, back left, back right)
const MATHVECTOR <float, 3> & GetFL() const {return points[0][0];}
const MATHVECTOR <float, 3> & GetFR() const {return points[0][3];}
const MATHVECTOR <float, 3> & GetBL() const {return points[3][0];}
const MATHVECTOR <float, 3> & GetBR() const {return points[3][3];}
///get the AABB that encloses this BEZIER
AABB <float> GetAABB() const;
///access the bezier points where x = n % 4 and y = n / 4
const MATHVECTOR <float, 3> & operator[](const int n) const
assert(n < 16);
int x = n % 4;
int y = n / 4;
return points[x][y];
const MATHVECTOR <float, 3> & GetPoint(const unsigned int x, const unsigned int y) const
assert(x < 4);
assert(y < 4);
return points[x][y];
///return the 3D point on the bezier surface at the given normalized coordinates px and py
MATHVECTOR <float, 3> SurfCoord(float px, float py) const;
///return the normal of the bezier surface at the given normalized coordinates px and py
MATHVECTOR <float, 3> SurfNorm(float px, float py) const;
BEZIER* GetNextPatch() const
return next_patch;
MATHVECTOR< float, 3 > GetRacingLine() const
return racing_line;
float GetTrackRadius() const
return track_radius;
bool HasRacingline() const
return have_racingline;
///return the bernstein given the normalized coordinate u (zero to one) and an array of four points p
MATHVECTOR <float, 3> Bernstein(float u, const MATHVECTOR <float, 3> p[]) const;
///return the bernstein tangent given the normalized coordinate u (zero to one) and an array of four points p
MATHVECTOR <float, 3> BernsteinTangent(float u, const MATHVECTOR <float, 3> p[]) const;
///return true if the ray at orig with direction dir intersects the given quadrilateral.
/// also put the collision depth in t and the collision coordinates in u,v
bool IntersectQuadrilateralF(
const MATHVECTOR <float, 3> & orig,
const MATHVECTOR <float, 3> & dir,
const MATHVECTOR <float, 3> & v_00,
const MATHVECTOR <float, 3> & v_10,
const MATHVECTOR <float, 3> & v_11,
const MATHVECTOR <float, 3> & v_01,
float &t, float &u, float &v) const;
MATHVECTOR <float, 3> points[4][4];
MATHVECTOR <float, 3> center;
float radius;
float length;
float dist_from_start;
BEZIER *next_patch;
float track_radius;
int turn; //-1 - this is a left turn, +1 - a right turn, 0 - straight
float track_curvature;
MATHVECTOR <float, 3> racing_line;
bool have_racingline;
std::ostream & operator << (std::ostream &os, const BEZIER & b);
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