A Drupal Module to enforce RFC7725 & return a HTTP 451 status code on blocked pages
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RFC7725 HTTP541 Drupal Module

This is a basic implementation of RFC 7725 as a Drupal Module.



  • Download the module. [Click here for latest version]

  • Install it as you normally would by going to Extend > Install new module > upload or by extracting the contents of the zip file to your drupal/modules folder and activating it via your drupal admin dashboard.

  • After activating the module you will need to provide an API Key for location-based censorship. You can get one here.

  • Add your API key to the module configuration by navigating to Configuration > http451 Settings and paste your key in the form provided.

  • Once the API Key set click on Structure > Content types and click on Manage Fields for the content type on which you want the module to be used.

  • Click on Add field & select HTTP 451 Status Code from the Select a field type dropdown list. Give it a label and hit save. On the next page you'll be able to configure some default settings then you'll be good to go.


HTTP451 Configuration settings


HTTP451 Custom Field


Result of enabling the module on a node