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Rig & miner control software for VEGA cards.
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devcon.exe QMS v01.0.0 21.05.2018

Download link:

Abstract: Crypto Miner Automation Software

Fair Warning: Use hardware according to manufacturer guidelines, VGA is not responsible for misuse of VGA products and/or the adventures of a brick maker.

Rig Requirements: GPU- RADEON RX VEGA 64/56 Ref./Custom, only, any count OS- Win10-64, updated Driver- AMD Blockchain Driver Version 17.30.1029 (Windows22.19.659.0) Miner- All current crypto mining software DDU- Rig- must be prepared and stable to mine

First Run (5mins): Disconnect all GPU, DDU, connect all GPU, install driver, launch QMS

Presets: PPT- XMR ECO,XMR NOS,ETH NOS CMD/ENV params- STAK,CAST,CLAYMORE,more coming ATTENTION!!! Edit fields in CMD/ENV to match your details,rig,pool etc (Cast default --G 6gpu)

Features with min 500VGA satoshi wallet address: Individual GPU control- Can apply same settings per card Preset User defined SoftPowerPlayTable ppt editor- Add,Edit,Delete Secondary Monitor- Activate same/other ppt/GPU Miner Control/One button mining- QMS starts on last settings Click Switch global presets and miners- All miners, coins and pools Clean PPT from Registry- One click global Easy settings testing- One click global Miner CMD and Environment edit- User defined QMS query box Restart on drop- on Miner/GPU fail Timed Restart- User defined Click Reset- Disable/Enable global gpu AutoStart- AutoStart mining on Win Startup One time Login- Enter your details once, next rig only user+pass

Features FREE 4 ALL: Rig Monitor- GPU count Detect/RT Telemetry Settings- FAN Min/Max RPM, Max Temp, RPMGPU P5-P6 MHz/mV , MEM P3 MHz/mV, Mosquito Prevent Fan Drop- Maintains Min user rpm setting Autostart- Launches QMS on Win Startup Auto set to Compute Load- At QMS startup Auto disable CrossFire/Ulps- At QMS startup Driver Version Report- Detect Driver corruption

Known Issues: Fail to Restart- Fix by User Account Control Settings set to "Never Notify" Autostart possible WIN bsod loop- Fix by VGA Mining OS (coming soon) Restart Fail On Win freeze- Fix by VGA Mining OS (coming soon)

QMS Outgoing Connections: Ethereum Blockchain- Wallet validation VGA Server- Wallet validation

VGA Head Software Developer: Ed K.

more info:

Slack Channel QMS Discussion: #qms_guide

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